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Class: Series 1 — Episode 8 - The Lost


7th December, 2016

I have to confess, my new job … ?   Is great.


It pays me just about money to survive on.

And possibly even thrive: in a very small way.

At least it lets me pay for Christmas presents.   And should — HA! — let me pay for a new washing machine or computer: should I manage to save up enough cash to put towards them!

So I am — in theory, any way — a happy bunny.

One thing I do miss about being out of work, though … ?

Is the fact I’d’ve had a touch more time to at least catch up with favourite TV shows.

Not that I necessarily had the money to buy that much in the way of box sets, but it’s amazing what you can do on a tight budget.

One thing I have had time to catch, over the past few weeks … ?

Is the BBC 3 series, Class.

And, yes: I know the gag that it lives up to its name — it’s classy, in other words — is getting old, by now.


It’s true.

This is a series that, to date, has shown me it’s well written, acted and engaging.

And the eighth episode, The Lost?

Is both a finale that matches what’s gone before in quality … 

AND exceeds it.


Episode 8The Lost — opens with a montage of scenes.

Of Charlie (Greg Austin) talking to April (Sophie Hopkins), and then Mattheusz (Jorden Renzo).   Of the latter pair walking in on a sleeping, and heavily pregnant Miss Quill (Katherine Kelly).   Of Tanya (Vivian Oparah), deep in homework, getting a bowl of soup from her mother.

And, whilst having a kick-about … ?   Shows us Ram (Fady Elsayed) killed at the hands of Corakinus.

And understandably, fleeing to seek the help of April.

April’s having her own problems: trying to deal with the sudden psychic incidents: caused by her link with Corakinus.

And, on top of this … ?

Ms Quill … has to deal with a devastated Tanya.

Those incidents April is dealing with?

One of them occurs when Corakinus kills Tanya’s mother.

The only apparent way to deal with the Shadowkin invasion of Earth … ?

Is for Charlie to kill April.

And to unleash the destructive power of the Cabinet of Souls.


Now … 

Yes … 

It’s getting to be something of a cliqué: that Class is classy.

But … 

Something I believe to have an element of truth to it?

Is that cliqués only become cliqués, because there’s an element of truth to them.

In that sense?

Yes: it’s cliquéd.

But, yes: Class is one of the classiest TV box sets that I’ve seen.


This first series has a finale episode that has moments of genuine emotion.

After all, it sees the apparent death of April, it sees Ram lose the two closest people to him, sees Tanya lose her mother, sees Mattheusz watch the damage caused to the young man he loves, sees Ms Quill watch the cosy world she’d built around her change radically, as well as face the most fundamentally life changing thing her species would face.

It sees Charlie* commit genocide: and destroy what’s left of his people, in the process.

And, in setting things up for a second series?

Sees Coal Hill’s headmistress, Dorothea Ames (Pooky Quesnel), killed at the behest of the governors.


I want to see what happens next … 


And yes … 

I think there should be a second series, before you ask.

I’m very aware there’s been quite a bit of intense discussion on one of the Facebook groups I belong to.

From what I’ve seen, there?

The viewing figures are comparatively low: which is causing some concern.

Apparently?   It’s ALSO been scheduled for late night showings at some point in 2017: rather than the initial broadcast that had been planned.


I’m thinking that may cause problems.

Class is a very good series: from what I know, it’s getting very good reviews.

I think the BBC should maybe have capitalised on that: by broadcasting it on either of their terrestrial channels, as near to each episode’s online broadcast, as possible.

Yes, I realise each episode has going to be on BBC3 for another eleven months or so: and is being aired in both Australia and Canada, as we speak.

I’m ALSO aware it’s available for download on Amazon, the BBC Store and iTunes.

I feel the series can benefit from that.


I’m thinking a lot of things, here.

I’m thinking Aunty could feel be watching the success of Netflix: as an purely online TV service that’s doing well in both terms of subscribers, AND with DVD/on-demand aftersales.

I think that’s a strategy that could pay well for them.

But I’m also thinking that this needs a touch better international co-ordination.   Class needs those internal and international broadcasts to be better co-ordinated.

And as soon after the original broadcast on BBC3 as possible, rather than the latter the BBC seems to be thinking of.

Class has benefitted from good critical response.

In order for a very good spin-off to benefit further?   And not go the way of The Fades?

It needs to take advantage of that buzz, quickly.

I’d like to see a second series of Class.

A series this good?

Needs watching.

AND a second series.

*        Charlie and Ms Quill from two separate and rival species: that shared the planet of Rhodia, and who warred, terribly.   The War ended will Ms Quill being forced to become Charlie’s protector.   The sub plot has been running through-out the series, and provided much needed dramatic tension.   Tonight’s episode … ?   Frankly, I have to give both Greg Austin and Katherine Kelly a nod for this episode: both worked their socks off.

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Nik Nak said...

One story I’d heard … ?

Was that the BBC had given serious thought to launching the iPlayer — the BBC’s catch up service — across the world: as iPlayer Global.

But couldn’t provide it in the US: as American media providers objected.

Which lead to the collapse of the rollout: or, at least, contributed significantly.


I think part of what’s contributing to any viewing problem class is having is simply this.

It’s not available, cheaply, internationally.