Tuesday, 27 December 2016

The Strain Series 3: Episodes 8, 9 and 10 — White Light, Do or Die and The Fall

27th December, 2016.

It has to be said, 2016 is getting a reputation for celebrity death.

I mean Bowie, Prince, Peter Vaughan … 

And today … ?   Sees the loss of writer, Richard Adams — the man behind the much loved Watership Downand the death of the much loved Carrie Fisher: who everyone hoped would survive The heart attack she had a few days ago.

Both are incredible losses.


Especially — on a personal level — that of Carrie Fisher.

I don’t know about you?   But I was one of that generation for whom Star Wars was the science fiction movie.

Let’s be blunt, that film had a huge influence: especially for us science fiction fans.

Before it came out?

Before it debuted, science fiction was a joke genre.


People realised it was big money.

That film was made, when a mixture of factors came together.

One of those?

Was the beautifully put together cast.

Star Wars would have not been Star Wars without Carrie Fisher.

I think she honestly help change a genre.



Frankly, I think that — given a day like today — catching up with some — comparatively — light and frothy TV seemed to be in order.

OK … 

The Strain isn’t going to be everyone’s idea of light and frothy.

But … 

Episode 8 — White Light — sees Eichhorst inspecting a facility in Manhatten: that he and the Master are hoping to improve.   They want to farm humans, and hope to use facilities like it to do so.   It also sees Gus returning to the family home: one to be attacked by his long-since-turned mother.   On top of that?   Fet and Setrackian are desperate to chase all sorts of leads to find the mysterious cargo that’s been shipped to New York.

Episode 9 — Do or Die — with New York going to hell, Eph and Dutch work frantically to build their Strigoi jammer: whilst Councillor Faraldo, Gus and Angel fight they’re way out of New York.

Episode 10 — The Fall — sees Setrackian, Eph, Dutch, Fet and Quinlan confront the Master: now in Eldritch Palmer’s body: and successfully contain him.   While most of the team leave, to disposse of the Master’s coffin?   Eph stays behind to treat his wounds.   Only to be confronted by Kelly and Zack.   Kelly is killed in the fight.   An upset Zack … ?   Presses the button on the detonator he’s been carrying.   And, in the closing minutes of the episode?   Sets off the nuclear bomb under the Statue of Liberty … … … 


Light and frothy?

OK … maybe I was going for irony, there.


Series three of The Strain has been fantastic.


I’m looking forward top the fourth and final series!

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