Tuesday, 20 December 2016

The Strain Series 3: Episodes 1, 2 & 3 — New York Strong, Bad White & First Born

20th December, 2016.

It’s officially five days before Christmas.

No, really.

In case you hadn’t guessed from the date at the start of the post.

And … ?

Well, frankly, there’s only so much Xmas excitement a body can take.

Especially if you’re balancing a social life, work, AND a hobby … maybe getting sick of the sight of Christmas time TV.

Or, at least, not seeing anything in the schedules that grabs your attention.

I know that latter option?   Applies to me.


I’m just thankful that, a few months ago, I managed to pick up Season Three of The Strain from iTunes.

Given I’d enjoyed the first two seasons?   I felt squirrelling the third away for a rainy — or, at least, quiet — day would help.

I was right about that … 


Episode 1 — New York Strong — re-introduces us to the team.   Showing us Eph’s state, after Nora’s death, and Zach’s kidnapping.   It re-introduces us to Fet, Setrackian and Quinlan: the three have become an unfortable trio in the translation of the Lumen, the book that holds much coded information about the Master.   AND shows us what the military are doing in trying to fight the Strigoi.

Episode 2 — Bad White — shows us Eph’s confusion. after being given the Master’s ultimatum: the Lumen, in return for Zach.   The episode also reintroduces Dutch: temporarily, but uncomfortably, working with old friends to loot posh apartments, and kill Strigoi.   Whilst the re-introduced Eldritch Palmer?   Hunts, desperately, for a way to access Strigoi blood, without being turned.

Episode 3 — First Born — shows what Gus has been doing.   In a desperate attempt to care for his mother?   He’s been feeding her his own blood.   It’s only the reappearance of Angel — and his threat to deal with the situation — that encourages Gus to do something about it.   All this … ?   and we find out that Quinlan’s motivation for killing the Master?   Is that his father turned his mother … 


Now … 

I don’t know if I’m impressed by The Strain’s third season.

But on the evidence of these three episodes?

I think the show’s producers have down a better job of the third seasons, the the makers of Penny Dreadful.

As fantastic as I think the latter is?   I’ve come to believe Penny Dreadful’s third seasons was maybe changing the background universe a little too much for my comfort.   Especially in presenting us with Dracula, as opposed to an über-vampire consistent with the first series depiction of it’s Master.

That’s not an issue with series three of The Strain.

So far?

It’s seems to be keeping far more internally consist: AND moving the story along in a satisfying way.


I’m heartily recommend you look up The Strain.

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