Saturday, 1 October 2011

Attack The Block: Innit, Blood … ?

Did I mention I slept through my alarm this morning … ?

Yes, I think I did, did I … ?

Mind you, I also admitted I had a very good excuse.

You see, I had Kevin D over, last night, for a cuppa, or two, and a movie.

And I think we’ve hit an interesting one …

The movie in question … ?

Was a recent DVD release I’d borrowed from Grub: the 2011 release that is Attack The Block.


Attack The Block sees Sam — Jodie Whittaker — mugged by Moses — John Boyega — and his gang on her way back home on a run down South London estate.

A mugging that’s interrupted only by something small and nasty hitting a nearby parked car.

A small fanged nasty that’s soon joined by some of its larger and nastier friends*.

A bunch of friends who — seemingly — aren’t after local dealer Ron’s supply of high grade cannabis …


Now …

Here’s the important bit …

What did we think of it … ?

Now, I’m VERY aware that both Kevin and I managed to disagree about Attack The Block. I personally felt this was a superb little Brit-flick — certainly better than many I’ve seen, with the exception of, say, Harry Brown — with me being VERY impressed, and Kevin having enjoyed the film, but agreeing with film critic Mark Kermodeª: that it could’ve been a touch funnier and scarier.

I kinda think that’s reflected in the stars we gave it, at the end.

I’ll leave you with those, shall I … ?

Attack The Block.

Paul: ★★★★
Kevin: ★★½
Average: ★★★¼

* Nicely impressive job, actually: turns out the creatures were done using an updated version of Rotascope.

ª Who he’s not BEST fond of.

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