Saturday, 24 November 2012

Eden Lake: That’s Another Hmmm

Which possibly sounds a little indecisive, now I come to think of it.

Which I’m usually not, when it comes to movies.

Possibly … 


I really should be getting on with telling you about this film, shouldn’t I … !


Last night — with nothing grabbing me on TV, a little left in my iTunes account — I thought it would be something of an idea to rent a movie.

The movie in question was the 2008, James Watkins directed thriller, Eden Lake, with Michael Fassbender and Kelly Reilly as Steve and Jenny, a couple who’ve decided to spend a romantic weekend at an abandoned quarry that’s been turned into a lake.

And soon to be turned into a posh housing estate called Eden Lake.

But as Jenny and Steve notice, it’s a beautiful area.

They’re not the only ones to have noticed the fact.

So have some of the local children: who aren’t exactly a good advert for the area … 


So … 

About that post title … ?

Yes, I’m thinking ‘Hmmm’, to be perfectly frank.

This is certainly a film I found not stunningly engaging.

But it’s also one I found fair more engaging than Chernobyl Diaries: and one whose central antagonist — Jack O’Connell, as the malevolent teen-gang leader, Brett — who was a terrifying portrayal of youth gone wrong*†.

And both compellingly watchable, very tense … And having a very grim ending.
Eden Lake   

*        A character who’s at the opposite end of the scale from John Boyega’s Moses in Attack the Block.

†        Coming back to this post, some four years after I wrote it?   I should ALSO add I work at a local fast food place.   Some of the teens we get coming in … ?   Are tamer than the Jack O’Connell character.   But not by much!

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