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The Friday Question Set — 23-11-2012

Oh … 

Well, that’s handy.

Bless her, me Mum’s just given me a phone call: and I have to ask, where would we be without them … ?

She’s just managed to find a cheap washing machine she doesn’t mind buying for me: I’ll admit, I’ll have to owe her for that.

At ANY rate, enough about my problems: they’re not why you here, are they … ?

No: you’re here for the Friday Question set, aren’t you … ?

So: minus further ado, but PLUS the Creative Commons License, there’s those questions.
Online 179   
Q1) What’s on the end of a Lacrosse stick?   
A1) A net.
Q2) What word links male rabbits & American dollars?   
Q2) Bucks.
Q3) Richard West was the DJ better known how?   
A3) Tommy Vance.
Q4) Which US city has baseball teams called the Yankees, and the Mets?   
A4) New York.
Q5) Dom Peter Perignon invented champagne, but what was his job?   
A5) A monk.
Q6) In music, who is Mick Jagger’s long time writing partner?   
A6) Keith Richards.
Q7) Along with red and white, what other colour features in the flag of Luxembourg?   
A7) Blue.
Q8) Greenwich Mean Time was originally adopted in order to help standardise what?   
A8) Railway timetables.
Q9) Hansen’s disease is the scientific name for which biblical disease?   
A9) Leprosy.
Q10) What was Golden Earrings first UK hit: Radar Love, Internet Lust or TV Dinners?   
A10) Radar Love.
Q11) During the 60’s, Chairman Mao tried re-organising Chineses society on strict Communist lines.   What was this period called?   
A11) The Cultural Revolution.
Q12) Which desert extends over a large area of northern China and south-eastern Mongolia?   
A12) The Gobi Desert.
Q13) Where do Chinese gooseberries come from?   
A13) China
: it’s only AFTER they reached New Zealand they were renamed Kiwifruit..
Q14) What was the name given to the notional political barrier that grew up between communist China and the non-communist world in the late 1940’s?   
A14) The Bamboo Curtain.
Q15) Which Chinese dish has a name that means ‘fried flour’?   
A15) Chow mien.
Q16) What was the name of the violent uprising directed against foreigners that erupted in China in 1900?   
A16) The Boxer Rebellion.
Q17) Who released China in you Hand in 1987?   
A17) T’Pau.
Q18) What name has been given to the rows of lifesize model soldiers found in the tomb of the early Chinese emperor Shi Huangdi?   
A18) The Terracotta Army.
Q19) True or false; – the date of the Chinese New Year is judged by the solar calendar?   
A19) False (it depends on the lunar calendar).
Q20) What is the second longest river in China, after the Yangtze?   
A20) The Huang He (or Yellow River).
Q21) What is the name given to the official aircraft assigned to the president of the USA?   
A21) Air Force One. (when Tony Blair suggested he have one as well, it was dubbed ‘Blair Force One’.)
Q22) What was the name of the aircraft from which an atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima in 1945?   
A22) The Enola Gay.   (It was named after the pilot’s mother, who in turn had been named after the heroine in a book)
Q23) By what name is the Boeing 747 better known?   
A23) The jumbo jet.
Q24) In RAF bombers of World War II, what name was given to a rear gunner in the tail of an aircraft?   
A24) Tail-End Charlie.
Q25) Which flammable gas was used to fill the RI01 airship, ultimately with disastrous results?   
A25) Hydrogen.
Q26) In RAF slang what height did an ‘angel’ (as in ‘angels one five’) represent?    
A26) 1,000 feet (300 metres).
Q27) After what is the Chinook helicopter named?   
A27) A wind (the hot, dry Chinook wind melts snow and causes flash floods: in 1943 it raised the temperature in South Dakota from -20 degrees centigrade to 7 degrees centigrade in just two minutes).
Q28) Who was manager of Manchester United at the time of the Munich air crash of February 1958?   
A28) Matt Busby.
Q29) What is the aerial sport played by two teams of seven players in the Harry Potter novels of J. K. Rowling?   
A29) Quidditch.
Q30) By what name was air ace Baron und und Freiherr Manfred van Richthofen better known?   
A30) The Red Baron.
Q31) How many creatures, mythical or otherwise, feature in the Chinese horoscope?   
A31) 12.
Q32) If December the 1st is a Tuesday, how many Wednesday’s will there be, in the month?   
A32) 5.
Q33) How many strings are there on a Spanish guitar?   
A33) 6.
Q34) How many pieces does each player have at the start of a game of Backgammon?   
A34) 15.
Q35) When pegging, in a game of Cribbage, what total is aimed for?   
A35) 31.
Q36) In Scrabble, how many points is the letter G worth?   
A36) 2.
Q37) If a team at bridge wins a grand slam, how many tricks have they won?   
A37) 13 tricks.
Q38) How many chapters does the biblical Book of Genesis have?   
A38) 50.
Q39) How does 6:20pm appear on the 24 hour clock?   
A39) 18:20.00
Q40) How much do you score, if all three darts land in the Double Top?   
A40) 120.
Q41) ‘They call her Natasha, when she looks like Elsie.’   
A41) I don’t Want Go To Chelsea.”  (Elvis Costello.)
Q42) ‘If you can’t find a partner, use a wooden chair’.   
A42) Jailhouse Rock.  (Elvis Presley.)
Q43) ‘My name is Sue, how do you do’.   
A43) A Boy Named Sue.  (Johnny Cash.)
Q44) ‘Baggy blue jeans & a box of magazines are all I got of you’.   
A44) Cowboys & Kisses.  Anastacia.
Q45) ‘Don’t you touch me, baby, coz I’m shaking so much’.   
A45) Please Don’t Touch   (Motorhead & Girlschool)
Q46) ‘Check out Guitar George, he knows all the chords’.
A46) The Sultans of Swing.  (Dire Straits.)
Q47) ‘They sprinkled Moondust in your hair’.   
A47) Close to You.  (The Carpenters.)
Q48) ‘It’s Worse than that, he’s dead, Jim!’.   
A48) Star Trekking, The Firm
Q49) ‘Don’t be shocked by the tone of my voice’.   
A49) Weapon of Choice.   (Fatboy Slim.)
Q50) ‘She keeps a moet & chandon, in a pretty cabinet’.   
A50) Killer Queen,   (Queen)
Q51) Which singer wrote Knockin’ on Heavens Door?   
A51) Bob Dylan.
Q52) Which leaf is traditionally said to take away the sting of a stinging nettle?   
A52) A dock leaf.
Q53) Which English king signed the Magna Carta?   
A53) King John.
Q54) The lines going from north to south on a map are lines of what, longitude or latitude?   
A54) Longitude.
Q55) The River Forth flows into which sea?   
A55) The North Sea.
Q56) What is sometimes called the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street?   
A56) The Bank of England.
Q57) What does a choreographer plan?   
A57) Dance routines.
Q58) Which organ of the body is most affected by hepatitis?   
A58) The liver.
Q59) How much gold is there in a £1 coin?   
A59) None.
Q60) Which year of the 80’s is both a book, and a film?   
A60) 1984.

As I’ve given them a mention, I’ll leave you with a couple of tunes … 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Paul. The Chinese Gooseberry originated in China! It was exported to New Zealand from China in the early 1900's and cultivated there then renamed Kiwifruit for the export market;-)Cheers, Anne