Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Excision — What on EARTH … ?!

You know, I’ll HAVE to admit to having seen some strange films, in my time.

No, really … !

Repo: The Genetic Opera springs to mind, here.   As does David Lynch, when he decides to go for the weird bone*.

Then there’s the film I rented from iTunes, tonight.

The 2012 release, Excision.

And I’m thinking its director, Richard Bates, Jnr, decided to have a try at We Need To Talk About Kevin territory: only from a VERY different direction …


Released this year, Excision sees AnnaLynne McCord as the film’s main character, Pauline.

Pauline has a fraught relationship with both her distant father, and prim mother.   The only member of her family she IS on good terms with is her younger sister, Grace (Ariel Winter).

On top of a fraught family life … ?

Pauline is ALSO something of an outcast at school.

In addition to that … she ALSO has some very extreme fantasies: involving a lot of blood

You can possibly TELL something nasty’s going to happen, can’t you … ?


Now … 

I mentioned strange … 

Lordy, yes, Excision is definitively that.

It’s ALSO a film I’m thinking I’ll be giving a four.

Mostly in order to try and encourage people to try and see it.

It may be a weird little piece.

But Excision is worth watching.

*        Which is like the Humorous: except funny peculiar, rather than funny haha … 

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