Saturday, 17 November 2012

Merlin Series 5: Episode 7 A Lesson In Vengence

Oh, now HOLD on a minute.

Or, at least, long enough for me to turn around and say “Well, FINALLY!!”.

And believe it or not, I think I’ve good reason for that.

No … 

Really … !


Do you remember me saying — was it only last week? — that Angel Coulby’s take on Guinevere, in the 5th series of Merlin, had been very underused … ?

Until last week’s episode, that is … ?   The Dark Tower saw Morgana effectively turn Guinevere to the proverbial dark side, in what I felt — and still feel — has been one of the highlights of the fifth series to date.

Tonight’s episode, though, A Lesson In Vengence … ?

Managed to follow up nicely on last’s week’s with what has to be something of a coup … !

A Lesson In Vengence sees Arthur — in the pre-title teaser — attacked whilst he and Guinevere are out riding, with only a solitary Merlin to guard their backs.

Something we learn has been arranged by the villainous Morgana*.

Although she didn’t arrange for Arthur’s saddle to break: THAT we learn, has been arranged by the manipulated Guinevere.   Who ALSO manages to pass the buck onto Arthur’s loyal stable-hand, Tyr.
Who she later manages to kill, as Tyr tells Merlin he’s has been blackmailed into not telling all he knows.

There’s more … 

Guinevere manages to meet the heavily disguised Morgana — in the middle of Camelot, itself — to pick up a couple of small bottles: one, a sedative.

And the other a deadly poison, meant to be tipped into the ear of the intended victimº.

I don’t need to tell you who that victim is, do I … ?


Now, I’ll be blunt: this is one superb episode, with twists, turns and treachery abounding all over the plot.

It’s ALSO one that sees both Angel Coulby FINALLY getting some meat on her character’s bones.   That’s not to say she hasn’t done VERY well, over the past few years.

She has.

But A Lesson In Vengence, and last week’s Dark Tower have FINALLY seen both actress and character coming VERY much into her own.

AND holding her own against the rest of an ensemble that’s as fine as any I’ve seen in fantasy and SF TV.

What more CAN one ask … ?   Apart from “When’s the next episode … ?”

*        I know this is going to get me some funny looks, but … Katy McGrath … ?   PHWOAR … !   Sorry, sorry, I just have these Sid James moments … … 

º        The poison concerned was Henbane: and they’ve lifted the ear reference from Hamlet.   Has anyone given the Bard a copy of the Creative Commons License … ?

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