Saturday, 3 November 2012

Merlin Series 5 — Episode 5: The Dìsir

 Oh, now, wait, hang ON … !

Can we NOT force a blogger to cliqué … ?

Can we … ?

I hope we can … !

You see, I’ve just finished watching tonight’s episode of Merlin’s fifth seriesThe Dìsir — and have to admit, I am trying to not use the phrase ‘best episode ever’ in describing it.

Even if it actually might be.

I know cliqués are — in some ways — the basic hammer and nails in a communication toolbox.

But even so … 

Let me get moving on, shall I … ?

So I can try to TELL you about tonights episode.


The Dìsir — the title refers to supernatural creatures in various European traditions who are somewhat akin to the Valkyries or Greek Fates — sees Arthur and the knights seeking out the sorcerer, Osgar, after he’s seemingly been involved in the death of one of Camelot’s more distant knights.

However, that’s something of a ruse.

Osgar’s been ordered to deliver a runemark to Arthur: something that resembles a largish gold medal, inscribed with various magical markings, that deliver the bad news to the recipient.

That he has been judged by the Dìsir, three women of the old religion trains as soothsayers and seers … and court officials, should the need rise, delivering the verdict of the Triple Goddess, should a man be found wanting.

That man is Arthur.

And he’ll lose something precious — seemingly — unless he allows sorcery back into Camelot.

Something that leaves Merlin with one HELL of a decision.

Be honest and ensure Arthur doesn’t get killed by Mordred: or stay silent and see Arthur mould Camelot into what he thinks should be be …

Now …

Phew … !  (It’s getting late … !)

Did I have one HELL of a good time with this episode … ?   And just it justify that “Best Episode Ever” tag?

Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed The Dìsir: the Dìsir themselves being thoroughly creepy and effective antagonists.

And what’s more … ?

I’m thinking Colin Morgan deserves a definite gong for this episode.

The Dìsir has shown us quite what understated — but powerfully intense — facial expressions the young man has.

More power to him … !

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