Sunday, 30 December 2012

Flash Gordon: CLASS Cheese … 

Drat … !

Me and Kevin had the pizza … 

But forgot the big tin of biscuits … !

I have to wonder what on EARTH overtook me, there.

Still … 

It DOES mean more for me.

Yeah … 

You’re right, that DOES sound a touch off, now I come to think of it.

Think I might just have to save some … 

Now … You’re probably wondering why all the talk of food … ?

Bless ’im, Kevin D likes company and a movie, occasionally.   And fancied sharing something in his movie collection he knew I’d not seen in a while: the 1980, Mike Hodges directed, Anglo American film that is … Flash Gordon


Set in contemporary — AHEM — times, the film sees Sam Jones as the eponymous Flash: a football quarterback flying home after a game, along with travel agent. Dale Arden (Melody Anderson).

Only to come unstuck, as their private plane crashes: as a result of Hot Hail launched at the Earth by Ming the Merciless, Emperor of Mongo, who’s intent on |invading Earth … 

And wearing a hideously deformed Fu Manchu beard … !


Now, I’m perfectly aware that Flash Gordon is not high art.

About as far from high art as it’s possible to get.

On the other hand, though … ?

As cheesy as it is, romps along at a good rate of knots, has a fantastic soundtrack AND has a storyline that sets out to entertain, and achieves that splendidly.

Flash Gordon is cheese.

Not any old rubbish.

But an incredibly good quality brie … !

Flash Gordon   
Paul: ★★★☆    Kevin: ★★★☆ 
Average: ★★★☆   

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