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The Friday Question Set — 28-12-2012

Yoicks … !!

Busy, busy, BUSY, at the moment.

Dinner on the go, washing doing, drying doing and all this with one text conversation going … 

And a lot of playing about with a Lightsaber app on the new iPod … !


Let’s get moving on, shall we … ?

After all, today is Friday which obviously means one thing.

The Friday Question Set: covered by the usual License and How To … 

Online 183:   

Q1) In fiction, what were Milly Molly Mandy’s proper names?   
A1) Millicent Margaret Amanda.

Q2) Who replaced Christopher Eccleston as Dr Who?   
Q2) David Tennant.

Q3) Who was the first woman to fly the Atlantic single-handed?   
A3) Amelia Earhart.

Q4) Which type of medical practitioner is Saint Apollonia the patron saint of?   
A4) Dentists.

Q5) What colour is the ribbon of the Victoria Cross?   
A5) Purple.

Q6) Who succeeded Nelson Mandela as President of South Africa and leader of the ANC?   
A6) Thabo Mbeki.

Q7) Which prime minister was known as ‘Sunny Jim’?   
A7) James Callaghan.

Q8) In heraldry, what is meant by ‘couchant’: lying down, sitting down or crouching down?   
A8) Lying down.

Q9) In which sphere was Binkie Beaumont a prominent figure: aircraft manufacture, ice-skating or the theatre?   
A9) The theatre.

Q10) In business jargon, what does the acronym ‘GLAM’ stands for Greying, Leisured, Affluent and … what?   
A10) Greying, Leisured, Affluent and Married.


Q11) Which English king was shot by an arrow while hunting in the New Forest: William 2nd, or William Rufus?   
A11) Both of them: it’s the two different names for the same king!

Q12) Who played the king in Alexander Korda’s 1933 film The Private Life of Henry 8th?   
A12) Charles Laughton.

Q13) Which monarch has been played by Flora Robson, Glenda Jackson, Miranda Richardson and Cate Blanchett?   
A13) Elizabeth 1st.

Q14) Who was the father of George 5th?   
A14) Edward 7th.

Q15) What kind of sporting accident is popularly supposed to have led to the death of Frederick Louis, eldest son of George II, in 1751?   
A15) He was struck on the head by a cricket ball.

Q16) Which English queen was born with six fingers on one hand?   
A16) Anne Boleyn.

Q17) Which English king as an adult was just four feet nine inches (1.4 metres) tall?   
A17) Charles I.

Q18) Which English king died after being shot by an arrow while besieging a castle in France: Richard the 1st, Richard the 2nd or Richard the 3rd?   
A18) Richard I (the Lion-heart).

Q19) Which King had a dream in 1963?   
A19) Martin Luther King.

Q20) Which group had a hit with Kings of the Wild Frontier?   
A20) Adam and the Ants.


Q21) In food science, what do the initials GM stand for?   
A21) Genetically modified.

Q22) How heavy, in kilograms, is a litre of water?   
A22) One kilogram.

Q23) What is the term for a positive electrode: anode, or cathode?   
A23) Anode.   (The positive one’s a cathode)

Q24) Betz cells are found in which organ of the body?   
A24) The brain.

Q25) Which part of the eye gives it its colour?   
A25) The iris.

Q26) Which form of carbon is used for pencil lead?   
A26) Graphite.

Q27) What invention of Sir John Harington’s, back in 1589 proved to be a great convenience?   
A27) The water closet (an early lavatory).

Q28) The lux is a unit of what: electrical speed, processor speed, or illumination?   
A28) Illumination.

Q29) Which Greek philosopher first claimed that the world was not flat but a sphere?   
A29) Pythagorus.

Q30) At what speed in mph does a wind become a hurricane?   
A30) 73mph.


Q31) Butlins was the first successful what, in the UK?   
A31) Holiday camp.

Q32) Atari means what, when translated into English?   
A32) Attack.

Q33) Hoyles Compendium is generally agreed to be the world’s most complete guide to what subject?   
A33) Games.

Q34) Which magazine’s title is the French word for ‘she’?   
A34) Elle.

Q35) What would you hire from Moss Bros?   
A35) A suit.

Q36) In 1962 the Metropole in Brighton became Britain’s first licensed what?   
A36) Casino.

Q37) What is a hostelaphilist interested in?   
A37) Pub signs.

Q38) What is a campanologist interested in?   
A38) Bell-ringing.

Q39) On a standard pack of playing cards, which is the only king without a moustache?   
A39) The King  of Hearts.

Q40) One of the first Barbie Dolls has been valued at eight thousand pounds, but in which year were the dolls first manufactured: 1959, 1961 or 1963?   
A40) 1959.


Q41) By what name did Farukh Bulsara become well known?   
A41) Freddie Mercury.

Q42) Which English football league club originally played as Small Heath Alliance?   
A42) Birmingham City. 

Q43) Which US president did his World War 2 service on PT 109?   
A43) John F. Kennedy (who served on torpedo boat PT 109).

Q44) Which member of the Rolling Stones was born ‘William Perks’?   
A44) Bill Wyman. 

Q45) Which famous French artist worked as a labourer on the Panama Canal?   
A45) Paul Gauguin.

Q46) Which US president was famously born in a log cabin?   
A46) Andrew Jackson.

Q47) Which English novelist worked as a child in a boot-blacking factory?   
A47) Charles Dickens

Q48) Which Lancashire-born comedian served as Charlie Chaplin’s understudy as a young man?   
A48) Stan Laurel.

Q49) The Spitfire fighter plane might have been called the Shrew - true or false?
A49) True.

Q50) Who predicted that in the future everyone would be famous for 15 minutes?   
A50) Andy Warhol.


Q51) Which tennis player gave their name to a computer virus, in 2001?   
A51) Anna Khournikova.

Q52) A rhombus is a shape with how many sides?   
A52) Four.

Q53) Until its closure, in 1981, what was the least used station, on the London Underground: Blake Hall, British Museum, or Bull & Bush?   
A53) Blake Hall, near Ongar with 6 passengers per day.   (Bull & Bush was never opened)

Q54) In money slang, how much is a ‘Pavarotti’ worth?   
A54) £10.00

Q55) Where would you find together a verso and a recto?    
A55) In a book (They’re the left and right pages, respectively.)

Q56) Who shaved his head for the film Twelve Monkeys?   
A56) Bruce Willis

Q57) What’s the technical term for a DVD, or CD?   
A57) An optical disc.

Q58) Who cut off the tails of the Three Blind Mice?   
A58) The Farmers Wife.

Q59) With which physical handicap was Dudley Moore born?   
A59) Club Foot .

Q60) Hadephobia is the phobia of what?   
A60) Hell.

Enjoy that everyone: I hope it helps … !

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