Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The Daily Teaser — 5-12-2012

Now, that’s thing … I’ve actually woken up on time … 

Without actually having set my alarm.

Which is sort of a miracle given it’s ME we’re taking about, here … !

Still … 

I DO know I had something of an interesting day, though.

I’ve actually managed to bag an interview, next Tuesday.   Here’s hoping I manage to figure out how to bloody well GET there … !

Let’s get a move on, shall we … ?


Yesterday’s teaser saw Debbi putting in her answers: along with bagging 5 out of 6º, she ALSO let us know she’s cutting back on the amount of blogs she writing*, to get started on another title … !

Let’s see how she — and you —do with today’s questions, shall we?   Here they are, along with the ‘How To’, License and video

Q1) 5th December, 1945, saw the disappearance of Flight 19, in the Bermuda Triangle.   In which year were claims first made about the Triangle made: 1949, 1950 or 1951 … ?
Q2) 5th December, 1977, saw President Anwar al-Sadat break Egyptian ties with four countries: name any one of them … ?
Q3) More to the point, this was in response to those countries forming an alliance with whom … ?
Q4) Moving on … 5th December, 2005, saw the Civil Partnership come into force in the UK.   In which year was this announced in the Queen’s Speech … ?
Q5) And finally … 5th December, 1766, saw which auctioneer maker his first sale: John Sotheby or James Christie … ?
And here’s yesterday’s questions and answers …
Q1) 4th December, 1937, saw the first publication of The Dandy, the world’s third longest running comic.   Name either of the two older comics.   A1) Detective Comics or il Giomalino.
Q2) More to the point … what was The Dandy one of the first comics to use … ?   A2) Speech bubbles.
Q3) Name either of The Dandy’s longest running strips … ?   A3) Korky the Cat and Desperate Dan.
Q4) Who is The Dandy’s publisher: Marvel, DC Thompson or DC … ?   A4) DC Thompson.
Q5) Which of The Dandy’s character’s lives at 29, Acacia Avenue … ?   A5) Eric Wimp: better known, of course, as Bananaman.
Q6) And finally … the comic’s publisher will release the last edition in which year … ?   A6) 2012: 75 years after it’s first publication.
Enjoy those, everyone: I’ll catch you later.

AFTER I’ve left you with this quote from Chinese General, Lin Biao …
“In the final analysis, the whole cause of world revolution hinges on the revolutionary struggles of the Asian, African and Latin American people who make up the overwhelming majority of the world's population”
Lin Biao, December 5, 1907– September 13, 1971
And with THIS tune from birthday boy, J. J. Cale … 

*        I don’t blame you, Debbi: your shoes, I’d probably be doing the same thing … !   (And , yes, thank you!   A mention would be great … ! :D )

º        Actually, Debbi … ONE of those old comics is Italian: I think that’ll please Rick … !

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Debbi said...

You will most definitely get a mention. You've been one of the essential people in my indie journey, as an author and a blogger.

I hope you'll enjoy my latest post on Random & Sundry Things. Ha ha ... let me know what you think. :)

1. 1950
2. Syria, Libya, Algeria and South Yemen
3. the Palestinian Liberation Organisation
4. 2003
5. James Christie