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The Friday Question Set — 7-12-2012

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I have to admit, I’ve got iTunes going at the mo.

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At ANY rate … ?

At any rate, today is Friday: which, to quiz fans everywhere, means the Friday Question Set.

Here it is, along with the Creative Commons License.

Online 181
Q1) In which famous novel would you find Jack, Piggy and Ralph?  
A1) The Lord Of The Flies.

Q2) What was the name of the first dog in space?   (Bonus point for naming the nation that put her there.)   
Q2) Laika.  (She was sent into orbit by the Russians.)

Q3) In order for a month to have a Friday the 13th, on what day of the week must it start?   
A3) Sunday.

Q4) Who composed the music for West Side Story?   
A4) Leonard Bernstein.

Q5) Who succeeded Elizabeth 1st, to the English throne?   
A5) James 1st.  (Accept James 6th, of Scotland.)

Q6) What colour is traditionally worn by Chinese brides?   
A6) Red.

Q7) In the nursery rhyme, who was the dish running away from?   
A7) The Spoon.

Q8) In cockney rhyming slang, what is the full phrase for Hair?   
A8) Barnet Fair.

Q9) Who was at 17, Bruton Street, on 21st April, 1926?   
A9) The Queen.  (Accept Elizabeth 2nd.)

Q10) Which Egyptian city is nearest to the tomb of King Tut-Ankh-Amun?   
A10) Luxor.


Q11) Which US volcano erupted in 1980 after lying dormant since 1857?   
A11) Mount St Helens. 

Q12) Supporters of two football clubs were involved in the Heysel Stadium disaster of 1985: name either.  (Bonus point for both.)   
A12) Liverpool and Juventus.

Q13) Which Russian town was evacuated in 1986 as the result of a man-made disaster?   
A13) Chernobyl.

Q14) In which country did the R101 airship crash?   
A14) France.

Q15) Which film and television superhero role is said to be jinxed because of the disasters connected with it?   
A15) Superman.

Q16) Whose missed penalty sent England out of the 1996 European Championships?   
A16) Gareth Southgate.

Q17) True or false: In 1966 the US air force dropped four hydrogen bombs on southern Spain?   
A17) True. (as the result of an accidental collision). 

Q18) What disastrous fate befell Peter Rabbit’s father?   
A18) He was killed and put in a pie by Mrs MacGregor.

Q19) By what make of missile were HMS Coventry and HMS Sheffield sunk, during the Falklands War?   
A19) Exocet.

Q20) What German word refers to the taking of pleasure in the misfortunes of others?   
A20) Schadenfreude.


Q21) Name the only British prime minister to be assassinated.  (Bonus point for telling us the year.)   
A21) Spencer Perceval (in 1812).

Q22) Brutus, assassin of Julius Caesar, died how?   
A22) He committed suicide.

Q23) Which television drama series began as a quest to discover who murdered Laura Palmer?   
A23) “Twin Peaks.”

Q24) What was the name given to the murder of some 50,000 French Protestants on 24 August 1572?   
A24) The St Bartholomew’s Day Massacre.

Q25) The Roman emperor Claudius, Tsar Alexander I of Russia, Pope Clement II and Charles V of France all died the same way: by eating poisonous what?   
A25) They all ate poisonous mushrooms.

Q26) Where did gunman Michael Ryan shoot 28 people on 20 August 1987?   
A26) Hungerford.

Q27) Which soul singer was shot dead by his own father?   
A27) Marvin Gaye.

Q28) Which Nazi’s assassination by Czech resistance fighters in 1942 provoked the murder of hundreds of ordinary Czechs in retaliation?   
A28) Reinhardt Heydrich.

Q29) Bulgarian writer Georgi Markov was assassinated in London in 1978, by being with a poisoned … what?   
A29) He was stabbed with a poisoned umbrella.   

Q30) Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko was poisoned by which radioactive element?    
A30) Polonium.


Q31) Which Hollywood star was nicknamed ‘the Hunk’?   
A31) Victor Mature.

Q32) By what name did Hollywood actor Bernard Schwartz become famous?   
A32) Tony Curtis.

Q33) Which European actor earned the nickname ‘the Austrian Oak’ for his wooden acting performances?   
A33) Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Q34) Which James Bond actor worked as a milkman and coffin polisher before finding work as an actor?   
A34) Sean Connery.

Q35) Which Hollywood hunk had a renowned singer for an aunt?   (Bonus for telling us the name of the Aunt)   
A35) George Clooney. (nephew of Rosemary Clooney)

Q36) Which Hollwood leading man had a chart hit in 1987 with Respect Yourself?   
A36) Bruce Willis.

Q37) Which actor was offered shelter by an Avon lady in Edward Scissorhands?   
A37) Johnny Depp.

Q38) Which Hollywood hunk made his last major appearance in Field of Dreams in 1989?   
A38) Burt Lancaster.

Q39) Which Hollywood hunk once admitted that he developed his distinctive vocal delivery from study of the breathy whispering of Marilyn Monroe?   
A39) Clint Eastwood.

Q40) Which Hollywood hunk has also spent time as frontman with the rock bands 30 Odd Foot of Grunts and The Ordinary Fear of God?   
A40) Russell Crowe.


Q41) Which river does the water in real Irish Guinness come from?   
A41) NOT The Liffey: apparently, it comes from rivers in the mountains in Wicklow.

Q42) Around which French town is the champagne industry centred?   
A42) Epernay.

Q43) From which district in France do the majority of fine clarets come?   
A43) Medoc.

Q44) What brand of Lemonade did the Secret Lemonade Drinker drink?   
A44) R. Whites

Q45) What brand of coffee has been ‘good to the last drop’ since 1907?   
A45) Maxwell House.

Q46) Which drug is sometimes referred to as ‘brown sugar’?  (Bonus point for telling us the drug’s technical name)   
A46) Heroin: also known as diacetylmorphine, diamorphine or morphine diacetate.

Q47) What do the initials VSOP stand for?   
A47) Very Superior Old Pale.

Q48) What word can go before cheese and roll?   
A48) Swiss.

Q49) Which vegetable did Sir Walter Raleigh bring to England?   
A49) Potato.

Q50) What name can be a lettuce or a mass of floating frozen water?   
A50) Iceberg.


Q51) On a standard UK Monopoly, how much does it to buy one of the stations?   
A51) £200

Q52) On which day of the week is the Jewish Sabbath?   
A52) Saturday

Q53) If you’re committing topiary, what are you clipping into shape?   
A53) A hedge.

Q54) In computing, what does the A stand for, in RAM?   (Bonus point point for telling us the complete phrase)   
A54) Access. (Random Access Memory.)

Q55) What name is given to a horizontal bar across a window?   
A55) A transom.

Q56) If the first of June is a Monday, what day is the 1st of July?   
A56) Wednesday.

Q57) In which country is the city of Osaka … ?   
A57) Japan.

Q58) Which Bette won an Oscar for the film, Dangerous?   
A58) Bette Davis.

Q59) What word can go after “music”, & before “mark”?   
A59) “Hall”.

Q60) Who was the Norse god of mischief?   
A60) Loki.

Enjoy that, everyone: comments appreciated, as ever.

I’ll leave you with a tune, shall I … ?

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