Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The Dark Knight Rises: Hmmm …


You know, I’ll happily confess, I’ve started this post with the date: as I’m intent on STARTING this particular post at something of a late hour on a Monday night.

With, frankly, the intention of finishing it off, tomorrow.

And with the EXTRA intention … of something else that’s ACTUALLY slipped my mind, at this point.

Oh, Yes!

The intention of making sure I’d tell you of how impressed I was — comparatively — with a film I’ve rented from iTunes, tonight.

Frankly … ?   I’m willing to bet you’ve had a good guess at what the film actually is.

The 2012 film that is the Christopher directed The Dark Knight Rises.

I’m possibly impressed with this … 



And please note I say possibly.   But let me try and explain the film to you.

Set some eight years after The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises opens with a charity event run by the Wayne Foundation: one that the man himself doesn’t attend, as he’s been in seclusion for quite some time.

After both the death of Harvey Dent, AND pulling out of a Wayne Enterprises deal into clean fusion energy, on learning the reactor could’ve been used as a weapon.

That changes.

As a valuable necklace is stolen from a safe owned by Bruce … by a cat burglar called Selina Kyle.

A cat burglar who then sells Bruce’s lifted fingerprints to a Wayne business rival, called John Dagget: a rival who’s hired the terrorist, Bane, to do a lot of dirty work for him.


Hmmm … 

Which is actually simplifying the plot by quite a hell of a lot … 

The Dark Knight Rises is a rich piece of work: possibly too rich for me, although it is a beautifully made piece of work.   Frankly, I think Nolan and co are incapable of making a bad Batman movie.

Personally, though … ?

Personally, I have to admit, I found this a stunner, but not as much of a stunner as The Dark Knight, although that could be just well be Heath Ledger’s death leaving its mark.

Whatever … 

I’ll leaves you seeing stars …
The Dark Knight Rises   

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