Saturday, 15 December 2012

Merlin Series 5 Episode 11: The Drawing of the Dark

Alexandra Dowling

Alexander Vlahos
Phew … !

No, seriously: it’s another Phew.

Or maybe I should call that a Saturday Night Phew … ?

Either way, what I’m trying to say, hear, is relatively simple.

Tonight’s episode of MerlinThe Drawing of the Dark, episode 11 of the final fifth series — was … well, I’m thinking ‘rivetingly fantastic’ might just be overdoing it.

But could equally be bloody accurate.   I think, here, that the comments box is what the phrase ‘You Tell ME’ was designed for.


But let me try and summarize, first, though.

The Drawing of the Dark opens with the Knights of Camelot finding a wagon from the kingdom: one that’s been attacked by Morgana’s Saxons.

And that that’s accompanied by Kara, a Druid and old friend of Mordred: who Mordred is still enamoured of.

And who Mordred initially releases: and treats, with some herbs, stolen from Gaius’ infirmary.

Of course, the only person who realises what’s happening is Merlin himself.

Which leads to a confrontation between the two: and the eventual capture of Kara, the Druid girl that Mordred is so taken with, along with Mordred, himself.

Capture … Execution … 

Mordred’s escape … 

And his eventual betrayal of Merlin.

Well …

Look’s like Christmas — and the overall Merlin finalé — can’t come too soon …

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