Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The Brentwood Gazette’s Weekly Teaser — 6-2-2013

You know, it has to be said, there’s a minor upside to being out of a job, at this time of day.

It mean’s I can happily raid my vintage Dr Who collection: just in case I’ve missed anything, you understand … !

Right at the moment … ?

I’ll happily to an old William Hartnell story called The Romans: complete with William Hartnell in full-on Professor Yaffle mode.And various of his then companions being chased up and down endless corridors … by Emperor Nero.

Only with time travel, eh … ?

At ANY rate … ?

Today is Wednesday, of course, which means that — once more — it’s time for the Brentwood Gazette’s Weekly Teaser.

Here’s this week’s rather regal questions …
Q1) 6th February, 1952, saw Queen Elizabeth 2nd ascend the throne of the United Kingdom, on the death of her father: what was her father’s name, as king: George 5th, 6th or 7th … ?    
Q2) More to the point, she’s the first Queen Regnant since which Queen … ?   
Q3) Equally to the point, the Queen’s father had been crowned after his elder brother’s abdication: what name did his brother take, as King … ?   
Q4) More to the point, that King abdicated, because he wanted to marry whom … ?   
Q5) Moving backwards backwards … When her father died, the Queen was in a hotel in which African country … ?   
Q6) The Queen is — obviously — Queen of both the UK: and how many other Commonwealth realms … ?   
Q7) Which of those Commonwealth nations was home to ‘James Bond’ creator, Ian Fleming, for many years … ?   
Q8) And which of those realms is bordered — on two sides — by the USA … ?   
Q9) Changing direction, again, who’s next in line to the throne … ?   
Q10) And finally … who’s the only monarch to have ruled the UK for longer than the Queen … ?  
And here’s last week’s questions and answers …
Q1) 30th January saw the assassination of Mohandas K. Gandhi: in which year of the 1940s … ?  
Q2) More to the point, by an extremist from which religion?   

Q3) What did the K stand for, in Mohandas K Gandhi’s name … ?   
Q4) Gandhi was also known as Mahatma Gandhi.   Mahatma is a nickname meaning what: Big gun, wild tiger or great soul … ?   
Q5) Gandhi achieved fame for helping India achieve independence from the UK: what was the name generally used for British India … ?   
Q6) Who was the first British Emperor/Empress of India … ?   
Q7) Prior to the monarch mentioned in Q6, who ruled India on behalf of Britain: the British West Indian Company, the British East Indian Company or Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank … ?   
Q8) Prior to helping India gain Independence, Gandhi famously organized protests in which African nation: Kenya, Gambia or South Africa … ?   
Q9) Who played Gandhi in the 1982, Richard Attenborough film, ‘Gandhi’?   
Q10) And finally … Which American Civil Right leader was famously inspired by Gandhi: Malcolm X, W. E. B. DuBois or Dr Martin Luther King?   
A1) 1948.   
A2) Hinduism.   
A3) Karamchand.   
A4) Great Soul.   
A5) The Raj: or British Raj.   (It was a mix of directly ruled parts of India, and princely states that accepted effective vassalage under the British crown.)   
A6) Queen Victoria.   
A7) The British East Indian Company.   (This question was sponsored by HSBC: the World’s local bank …)   
A8) South Africa.   (In Pretoria, to be precise.)   
A9) Ben Kingsley.   
A10) Dr Martin Luther King.

Enjoy those.

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