Friday, 8 February 2013

The Friday Question Set — 8-2-2013

Hmm … 

You know, it HAS to be said: the weather this morning, when I went into town … ?

Was fantastic.   Cold, but sunny.

I get back home … just in time for the clouds to turn up.

Oh, well: it it rains, at least I’m indoors … !

At ANY rate … ?

At any rate: indoors I am, and — as it’s Friday — that means it’s time for the Friday Question set.

Here’s those questions, along with the ‘How To’ and License*.

Online 189   

Q1) What part of the human anatomy shares its name with a punctuation mark?   
A1) The Colon.

Q2) How long must a person be dead for, before qualifying for a Blue Plaque: ten years, twenty years or thirty years?   
Q2) 20 years.

Q3) Which US state is also known as the Gopher State, Minnesota, New Jersey or New Mexico?   
A3) Minnesota.

Q4) The Ngultrum is the unit of Currency in which Himalayan country?   
A4) Bhutan.

Q5) The USA declared war on which country, after the bombing of Pearl Harbour?   
A5) Japan.

Q6) Who’s the father of actress Jamie Lee Curtis?   
A6) Tony Curtis.

Q7) Chris Cairns is associated with which sport?   
A7) Cricket.

Q8) Which wrestling giant died in 1998?   
A8) Giant Haystacks.

Q9) Which Russian leader celebrated his 67th birthday with cabbage pie?   
A9) Boris Yeltsin.

Q10) During the 90’s, which Muslim country banned TV?   
A10) Afghanistan.


Q11) Which military tune is sounded at the start of the day?   
A11) Reveille

Q12) The film The Great Rock ’n’ Roll Swindle was about which group?   
A12) The Sex Pistols

Q13) What was the name of the film company co-founded by George Harrison?   
A13) HandMade Films.

Q14) In which European country was US songwriter Irving Berlin born?   
A14) Russia.

Q15) Which of Gilbert and Sullivan wrote the music?   
A15) Arthur Sullivan.

Q16) Which was the first single to sell a million copies: Rock around the Clock, Heartbreak Hotel, Blueberry?   
A16) Rock around the Clock.

Q17) Before going solo Beyonce Knowles fronted which girl-band?   
A17) Destiny’s Child.

Q18) What stage name did pianist Wladziu Valentino adopt: Billy, Jerry Lee or Liberace?   
A18) Liberace.

Q19) Charlie Parker, Dizzie Gillespie and Miles Davis were exponents of which form of jazz: Trad, Modern or Bebop?   
A19) Bebop.

Q20) Hot Buttered Soul was the first major hit album for which late soul icon?   
A20) Isaac Hayes.


Q21) What’s the name of the BBC’s foreign radio service?   
A21) The World Service.

Q22) Which Queen album shares it’s name with a Sunday newspaper, and a song by The Jam?   
A22) News of the World.

Q23) What was BBC TV’s first broadcast, after being closed down, during WW2?   
A23) A Mickey Mouse cartoon.

Q24) The Sporting Life magazine — which closed in 1998 — devoted itself to which sport?   
A24) Horse Racing.

Q25) Which satirical magazine takes its name from a term for a private detective?   
A25) Private Eye.

Q26) Who presented Late Nite Currie on Radio 5 Live?   
A26) Edwina Currie.

Q27) The Lancet is aimed at which profession?   
A27) Medical.  (Accept doctors.)

Q28) Of which broadsheet newspaper was William Rees-Mogg editor until 1981?   
A28) The Times.

Q29) Who founded Sky TV?   
A29) Rupert Murdoch.

Q30) Which David co-founded TV-am and LWT?   
A30) Sir David Frost.


Q31) How did the Getty family make their fortune: from oil, arms or cars?   
A31) From oil.

Q32) Mussolini’s Fascists were know as what: Black shirts, White hats or Pink knickers?   
A32) Black shirts.

Q33) Which American president had the first names John Fitzgerald?   
A33) President Kennedy.

Q34) What was the name of Dick Turpin’s horse?   
A34) Black Bess.

Q35) Who led the anti-communist witch-hunts of the 1950s in the USA?   
A35) Senator Joseph McCarthy.

Q36) Which war did Muhammad Ali refuse to fight in?   
A36) The Vietnam War.

Q37) In the 2002 BBC poll of the Greatest Britons of all time, Winston Churchill came top: who came second?   
A37) Isembard Kingdom Brunel.

Q38) Napoleon’s favourite horse was named after which of his great victories?   (The horse shares its name with a chicken dish, by the way: it’s also possibly ended up in some, given recent events … )   
A38) Marengo.

Q39) Which treaty formally ended World War I?   
A39) The Treaty of Versailles.

Q40) Which prime minister was accused of ignoring reality in the Sun headline “Crisis? What crisis?”?   
A40) Jim Callaghan.


Q41) Which Royal Duke has been nicknamed Phil the Greek?   
A41) Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh.

Q42) Which university did Prince William attend?   
A42) St Andrews.

Q43) How many daughters does Queen Elizabeth II have?   
A43) One.

Q44) Who is the father of Princes William and Harry?   
A44) Prince Charles.

Q45) Who is the Princess Royal?   
A45) Princess Anne.

Q46) What is the Queen’s favourite breed of dog?   
A46) Corgi.

Q47) Which Prince was a helicopter pilot in the Falklands War?   
A47) Prince Andrew.

.Q48) Did Camilla Parker Bowles use the title Duchess or Princess after she married Prince Charles?   
A48) Duchess.

Q49) In which country did Princess Diana tragically meet her death?   
A49) France.

Q50) Who is the father of Princes William and Harry?   
A50) Prince Charles.


Q51) WhPrime Minister Sir Bernard Ingham press secretary to?   
A51) Margaret Thatcher.

Q52) Which veteran Hollywood star married Larry Fortensky?   
A52) Liz Taylor.

Q53) Who, in 1985, was awarded a degree, at the age of 13?   
A53) Ruth Lawrence.

Q54) Again, in ’85, in which German speaking European country was poisonous wine produced?   
A54) Austria.

Q55) What explosive item was, or is, Ariane?   
A55) A rocket.

Q56) What engineering project started in 1987?   
A56) The Channel Tunnel.

Q57) What type of spacecraft was launched in 1981?   
A57) The space shuttle.

Q58) A trident is the logo of which Italian motor company: Lamborghini, Vespa or Maserati?   
A58) Maserati.

Q59) Which is nearer to London, as the crow flies, Prague, or the Orkneys?   
A59) The Orkneya  (According to Google’s distance calculator, it’s 644 miles from London to Prague, and 533 miles from London to the Orkneys.).

Q60) Blake and Krystle Carrington appeared in which TV series?   
A60) Dynasty.

Enjoy the day!

*        In case you’ve never come across the Creative Commons License, the version I use means you can copy and alter the questions, as needed: all you have to do is give me an authors credit, and tell people where you got them!

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