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The Friday Question Set — 1-2-2013

Arrgghh … !

You know, what with one thing and another, I’ll almost forgot.

It’s Friday … !

Which means, of course, that it’s time for the Friday Question Set.

Here it is, covered by the usual Creative Commons License

Online 188

Q1) Joseph Priestly discovered which gas, in 1774?
A1) Oxygen.

Q2) Which airline’s identification code is VS?
Q2) Virgin Atlantic

Q3) In “Moonlighting,” David Addison was played by who?
A3) Bruce Willis.

Q4) Which former Soviet republic is the world’s largest landlocked country?
A4) Kazakhstan.

Q5) Who won the Men’s singles title at Wimbledon, in 2006?
A5) Roger Federer.

Q6) What’s the most common colour for a daffodil?
A6) Yellow

Q7) Which Australian singer did Jordan marry, in 2005?
A7) Peter Andre.

Q8) Fratton Park is the home of which football club?
A8) Portsmouth F.C.

Q9) In “The Wizard of Oz”, what sort of pet did Dorothy own?
A9) A dog

Q10) How many countries are there in Europe, 25, 50, or 75?
A10) 50


Q11) What purpose did the building in which the Tate Modern art gallery is housed originally serve?
A11) It was a power station. 

Q12) What is the name of the giant Antony Gormley statue in Gateshead?
A12) The Angel of the North.

Q13) What type of artwork is made from various objects, stuck to a canvas or paper backing?
A13) Collage.

Q14) Which artist painted the double portrait “Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy”?
A14) David Hockney.

Q15) Which famous art collector lost much of his collection in a disastrous fire in May 2004?
A15) Charles Saatchi.

Q16) Which British artist provided a coloured pattern to be used as a test card for cameras on board the space probe Beagle 2 in 2003: Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin or Banksy?
A16) Damien Hirst.

Q17) Who included among his masterpieces the 1944 painting Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion:Francis Bacon, Roger Bacon, or James Bacon?
A17) Francis Bacon.

Q18) Jacob Epstein famously provided a statue of Saint Michæl for which cathedral, in 1958?
A18) Coventry.

Q19) Which controversial US artist was popularly dubbed Jack the Dripper?
A19) Jackson Pollock.

Q20) Which New York art gallery opened in 1959; – the Guggenheim, the Brooklyn Art Musuem, or the Staten Island Art Gallery?
A20) The Guggenheim Museum.


Q21) When he recorded “Band On The Run,” which band was Sir Paul McCartney with?
A21) Wings.

Q22) Which American rocker recorded “Bat Out Of Hell”?
A22) Meatloaf.

Q23) What was the name of the Kaiser Chiefs debut album?
A23) “Employment”.

Q24) “Why Try Harder?”, is which DJ, & former Housemartin’s ‘Greatest Hits’ LP?
A24) Fatboy Slim.   (Otherwise known as Norman Cook)

Q25) Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce formed which 60’s rock band?
A25) Cream.

Q26) Who married Courtney Love in February, 1992?
A26) Kurt Cobain.

Q27) The Reverend Richard Penniman is better known as which Rock & Roll icon?
A27) Little Richard.

Q28) “Sound of the Underground,” was the first Number One for which group?
A28) Girls Aloud.

Q29) “Four Wedding and a Funeral,” made which song a Number One?   (Extra point for the band that recorded the version in question.)
A29) “Love is All Around,” by Wet Wet Wet.

Q30) “Where is the Love?”, was the furst UK number one fro which collective?
A30) The Black Eyed Peas.


Q31) Which part did Kathleen Turner voice in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”?
A31) Jessica Rabbit.

Q32) Which great screen dancer is on the cover of Sgt Pepper: Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire?
A32) Fred Astaire.

Q33) In the film “Monster In-Law” which US actress plays the part of Viola?
A33) Jane Fonda.

Q34) What sort of animal was the film star, “Babe”?
A34) A pig.

Q35) Who won an Oscar for Best Actress in the classic film, “Gone with the Wind”?
A35) Vivien Leigh.

Q36) For which film did Jamie Foxx win the Best Actor Oscar?
A36) “Ray”.

Q37) In which 1994 film would you find the characters Pumpkin and Honey-Bunny?
A37) “Pulp Fiction”.

Q38) Which supermodel starred as Sheela in the 1994 film “Sirens”?
A38) Elle McPherson.

Q39) In the 1993 film version of “The Fugitive”, who played the Fugitive?
A39) Harrison Ford.

Q40) How many Mr’s were there in the gang, in “Reservoir Dogs”?


Q41) What’s the name of the Japanese art of paper folding?
A41) Origami.

Q42) How many pieces does each player start a game of draughts with?
A42) 12.

Q43) What French game has a name meaning ‘Balls’?
A43) Boules.

Q44) What type of game is known by the initial’s, ‘RPG’?
A44) A role–playing game.

Q45) How many people can you normally fit in a Go-Kart?
A45) One.

Q46) The Turkey Trot, & Bunny Hug are forms of which type of dancing?
A46) Ballroom Dancing.

Q47) Which board game has Cards & wedges?
A47) “Trivial Pursuit”.

Q48) If you’re practising Calligraphy, what are you doing an artistic version of?
A48) Handwriting.

Q49) Similarly, if you’re firing, throwing, and glazing, what are you doing?
A49) Pottery.

Q50) What type of dancing is traditionally only performed by men in white, with bells & garlands of flowers?
A50) Morris dancing.


Q51) What was the first country in the world to have a TV service?
A51) Great Britain.

Q52) How many days are there, in April and May, put together?
A52) 61.   (31 in May, 30 in April.)

Q53) What type of songs did John Mason Neale write?
A53) Hymns.

Q54) Achluophobia is a fear of what, darkness, or light?
A54) Darkness.

Q55) What is the name of a round bottomed Chinese frying pan?
A55) A wok.

Q56) On the standard UK Monopoly board, what colour is Leicester Square?
A56) Yellow.

Q57) What were the names of the three tunnels dug in “The Great Escape”?
A57) Tom, Dick, & Harry.

Q58) Which UK car maker produced the Kitten?
A58) Reliant.

Q59) Is a peruke a hat, a cigar or wig?
A59) A wig.

Q60) Which country was the first to legalise abortion?
A60) Iceland.

Enjoy that lot: I hope they help.

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