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The Friday Question Set — 15-2-2013

You know, it HAS to be said, there’s times I love doing themed questions: then there’s times I don’t.

Frankly … ?

Doing 60 questions for Valentine’s Day was always a bit of a chore.

Which — in part — why I’ve not done one this year, in case you were looking for one.

But feel free to have a scout around: I’m sure I’ve done one, SOMEWHERE … !

At ANY rate, and with apologies to anyone expecting a Valentine’s Day teaser either this week or last week, here’s this week’s Friday Question set: along, of course with the Creative Commons License*.

Online 190   

Q1) Which woman’s magazine did Cherie Blair guest edited, back in 1996?   
A1) Prima.

Q2) What kind of ape lives on the Rock of Gibraltar?   
Q2) Barbary.

Q3) What colour is the flower of an oil seed rape plant?   
A3) Yellow.

Q4) What kind of shop would you usually find on Saville Row?   
A4) Tailor’s.

Q5) How is country singer Brenda Gail Webb better known – Crystal Gayle, Dolly Parton, or Shania Twain?   
A5) Crystal Gayle.

Q6) Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin represented which political party?   
A6) Conservative.  (Accept Tory.)

Q7) The format of which TV show was based on the producer’s experiences at the hands of the Gestapo?   
A7) Mastermind.

Q8) Astraphobia is a fear of what: lightening, stars or Patrick Moore?   
A8) Lightening.

Q9) Kit Nubbles appears in which Dickens novel?   
A9) The Old Curiosity Shop.

Q10) Who was King of the Huns, in AD 434?   
A10) Attila the Hun.


Q11) Which Channel 4 show was inspired by Radio 4’s I’m Sorry, I Haven’t A Clue?   
A11) Who’s Line is It, Anyway.

Q12) Which TV war reporter became MP for Tatton, in 1997?   
A12) Martin Bell.   (‘The Man In The White Suit’.)

Q13) The drama series, Bleak House, was based on a book by which author?   
A13) Charles Dickens.

Q14) According to the title of the Melvin Bragg series, how many books have changed the world?   
A14) Twelve.   (12.)

Q15) Who was the sixth actor to play Doctor Who, on TV?   
A15) Colin Baker.

Q16) Name any of the host’s of The Generation Game.   
A16) Bruce Forsyth, Larry Grayson, Jim Davidson.

Q17) How many chimneys did Fred Dibner knock down, during his career?   
A17) Ninety.

Q18) David McDonald is the real name of which Doctor Who star?   
A18) David Tennant

Q19) Sitcom character, Geraldine Granger, does what job?   
A19) Vicar.   (She’s better known as The Vicar of Dibley.)

Q20) Former Countdown co–presenter, Carol Vorderman has a degree in what subject: Engineering, Applied Mathematics or Astrophysics?   
A20) Engineering.


Q21) If you have Mal de Mer what condition are you suffering from?   
A21) Sea-sickness.

Q22) Lack of which hormone causes diabetes?   
A22) Insulin.

Q23) What is the green colouring matter in plants known as?   
A23) Chlorophyll.

Q24) What type of angle is less than 90 degrees?   
A24) Acute.

Q25) Humans have a component of their blood named after which monkey: the rhesus, the macaque or the chimpanzee?   
A25) Rhesus.

Q26) What can be cardinal or ordinal?   
A26) Numbers.

Q27) Owen McLaren designed the undercarriage of the Super Marine Spitfire: but shot to serious prominence in the 1960’s, by designing … what?   
A27) The McLaren Buggy.

Q28) What is measured with a theodolite?   
A28) Angles.

Q29) Who invented dynamite?   
A29) Alfred Nobel.

Q30) The initials AWAC stand for Airbourne Warning And … what?   
A30) Airborne warning and control.


Q31) How do you get a noise out of a tambourine?   
A31) Hit it.

Q32) What was Tchaikovsky’s first name?   (Either in Russian or English)   
A32) Peter.   (Pyotr.   (pee-OT-tre-ah))

Q33) Which of these instruments is the largest: the violin, the viola or the cello?   
A33) The cello.

Q34) In which country is the Sydney Opera House?   
A34) Australia.

Q35) How many performers are there in a string quartet?   
A35) Four.

Q36) What, apart from a piece of music, is a Waltz?   
A36) A dance.

Q37) What was the first name of opera singer, Ms Callas?   
A37) Maria.

Q38) What is the highest female singing voice, contralto, mezzo–soprano or soprano?   
A38) Soprano.

Q39) Placido Domingo was famous for which type of music?   
A39) Opera.

Q40) In which London venue do the annual Proms take place?   
A40) The Albert Hall.


Q41) Thierry Henry joined Arsenal from which Italian club?   
A41) Juventus.

Q42) Who captained England in the famous 5-1 victory in Germany in 2001?   
A42) David Beckham

Q43) Which British player won three consecutive Wimbledon men’s singles titles in the years 1934 to 1936?   
A43) Fred Perry.

Q44) Who fought Muhammad Ali in the 1975 boxing match known as the Thrilla in Manila?   
A44) Joe Frazier.

Q45) Tomas Lundman holds the record for heading a football continuously without dropping it: he managed to keep going for 8 hours and how many minutes?   
A45) 8 hours & 32 minutes.

Q46) Which British footballer was the first to earn £100 a week?   
A46) Johnny Haynes.

Q47) Who played Muhammad Ali in the movie Ali?   
A47) Will Smith.

Q48) What is the first name of footballer Nobby Stiles?   
A48) Norbert.

Q49) Which motor racing star became Sir Jackie in the new millennium?   
A49) Stewart.

Q50) Katerina Emmins won the first gold medal of the Beijing Olympics, in the 10 metre Air Rifle event: what nationality is she?   
A50) Czech.


Q51) Which Iraqi city stands on the Shatt aI-Arab waterway: Basra, Kurkut or Baghdad?   
A51) Basra.

Q52) Who did Michael Howard succeed as Tory Party leader?   
A52) Iain Duncan Smith.

Q53) According to the old proverb, speech is silver but what is golden?   
A53) Silence.

Q54) What name is given in law to a person who makes a will?   
A54) A Testator.

Q55) With what type of entertainment was Marcel Marceau associated?   
A55) Mime.

Q56) The wife of which party leader gave birth to a son during the 2005 election campaign?   
A56) Charles Kennedy.

Q57) In proverb, there is ‘… many a slip ’twixt between’ what and what?   
A57) Cup & lip.

Q58) Men from where are most likely to buy make-up: Italy, France or Britain?   
A58) Britain.

Q59) In which year was Stamp duty first introduced into the UK … ?   
A59) 1694.

Q60) What is a buttress: a folding chair, a supporting structure in buildings or a tight-fitting dress?   
A60) A supporting structure in buildings.

Enjoy that … !

*        It boils down to this: you’re free to copy, alter and build on each of my quizzes, including the Teasers and the Friday Question Set.   All I ask in return is that you give me an original author’s credit, on your event’s flyers, or posters, or on the night.

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