Monday, 25 February 2013

The Daily Teaser — 25-2-2013

Blimey … !

It has to be said, it looks like Hollywood had quite a night.

Hmmm … That’s makes it sound like a HUGE night for recognising astounding talent, that’s expressed itself in a night of beauty and dignity.

And not like the huge advertising junket I suspect many feel it is.

Saying that … ?

Saying that, I think I have to congratulate Daniel Day-Lewis.

After all, being the first man to win three ‘Best Actor’ Oscars is something of a record … !

Hmm … Let’s get moving on, shall we?   After all, it is Monday …


Yesterday’s Teaser saw Debbi* putting in her answers: along with telling us she’s keeping calm and carrying on, ALSO managed to score 6 out of 6.

Let’s see how she — and you — do with today’s questions, shall we … ?   Here they are, along  with the ‘How To’,  License and video … 

Q1) 25th February 2013, is a Monday.   When was the last year Monday fell on the 25th February … ?
Q2) Which US band had a 1986 hit with Manic Monday … ?
Q3) Is ‘Monday’ a valid word in Scrabble … ?
Q4) What’s the name of the 1988 film to star Sting, Sean Bean and Melanie Griffith … ?
Q5) Boomtown Rats song, I Don’t Like Mondays was inspired by the school shootings carried out by whom … ?
Q6) And finally … which resident of Muncie, Indiana, famously loves lasagna and hates Mondays.
And here’s yesterday’s questions and answers …
Q1) 24th February, 2010, saw who become the first cricketer to score a double century, in a One Day International game … ?
A1) It’s him again: Sachin Tendulkar.
Q2) More to the point, which international side was he playing for … ?
A2) India.
Q3) 24th February, 1942, was the date of the ‘Battle of Los Angeles’: the (possible) air-raid than many people believe to be the first recorded sightings of what … ?
A3) UFO’s.
Q4) 24th February, 1955, saw the birth of Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs: what was the name of the animation studio he co-founded … ?
A4) Pixar.
Q5) 24th February, 1868, saw who become the first US president to be impeached by the US House of Representatives … ?
A5) Andrew Johnson.
Q6) And finally … 24th February, 2007, saw Japan launch it’s fourth what … ?
A6) Spy satellite.
Given the theme for today’s questions … ?   I’ll leave you with this quote from Bob Seger …
“Most of the time, I’m here in Michigan and I’m taking out the garbage every Monday.”
Bob Seger.
And with this tune from New Order … 

This one from The Mamas and The Papas … 

And one final song … 

Enjoy today … 

*        It’s got to be said, Debbi, it always amazes me how that poster gets around … !   And did you know there were three of them, with different slogans … ?   Actually … I’ll have to see if I can come up with a version … !

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Debbi said...

It is a goodie! :) And I love this post. Nice choice of quote and music!

1. 2008
2. The Bangles
3. no
4. Stormy Monday
5. Brenda Ann Spencer
6. Garfield