Sunday, 13 April 2014

Nigel Evens, MP

Do you follow the news, at all … ?

I’m fairly sure you do.

I’m also fairly sure that — as I — you have various bits of news that catch your eye.

One that’s caught my eye, in the past few days … ?

Is the news that MP, and former Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons, Nigel Evans, has been acquitted of several counts of rape and sexual assault: a case that followed on from several similar trials — and acquittals — of men in the public eye.

Congratulations to him.

But one thing about his acquittal has caught my eye.

His claimed belief that Britain’s Crown Prosecution Service should pay his bills.

My first thought, there … ?

Was “Excuse ME … ?”


Now, I have to confess, that was my first thought.

A very outraged “Excuse ME … ?”

Because that struck me as a bit of a bloody liberty: given he’d walked away with an acquittal!

Because I doubt that some one in my shoes, faced with nine various sexual charges, would be able to ask the same thing.

However, I’ve ALSO found that someone in those shoes could claim back their legal expenses from a central fund: something I’m sure Mr Evans could and will do.

Speaking personally, though … ?

Granted, I think he may have a point about granting both victims and accused being granted anonymity.

But feel Mr Evans has no right to demand money from the CPS.

Especially when you consider that they were doing their job.

In light of the pain and suffering inflicted by the late Jimmy Saville, I feel this sort of case must be brought to court.

JURIES have to decide guilt or innocence.

Making the CPS pay for Nigel Evans’s acquittal — and others like him — would only make their job of bringing such cases before a jury, much harder.

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