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The Friday Question Set — 11-4-2014

Oh … 

Now …

That’s … 

Well, actually … 

It’s scientific … 

It seems doctors in the US have managed to implant four women with lab-grown vaginas.

It was used on four women born with disfigured vaginas: a condition known as vaginal aplasia.

And, frankly, I can see it having applications for those who’ve suffered from female genital mutilation.

But … ?

As serious as I know it is, I’m ALSO trying VERY hard to not make jokes: or smirk, even.

I’ll just wander off, for a bit … 


And come back feeling a bit more adult … so to speak.

After all, it’s FRIDAY.

I have a film downloading.

And it’s time for the Friday Question Set.

Here it is, covered by the usual Creative Commons License* …
Online 246.
Q1) In which year of the 1860s did the US civil war start?
A1) 1861.
Q2) What’s Britain’s most northerly shipping area: Faroes, Fair Isle or Bailey?
Q2) Faroes.
Q3) The Tripitaka is the holy book of which religion: Sikhism, Buddhism, or Jainism
A3) Buddhism.
Q4) In which TV series did Sarah Michelle Gellar find international fame … ?
Q5) If something gets described as ‘Lupine’, it’s being compared to which animal … ?
A5) A wolf.
Q6) Who won the FA Cup, in 1949?
Q7) A plutocracy is a country ruled by whom: the rich, the old or the men?
A7) The wealthy.
Q8) The shortest day of the year is in December: on what date, in December?
A8) December the 21st.
Q9) What, technically, the highest rank of the peerage a commoner may hold.    (Or work their way up to.)
A9) Archbishop.   (Ranking between a Royal Duke, and a Duke.)
Q10) Who’s the current Poet Laureate?
Q11) Rennet is used in the making of cheese; – but from what part of the cow is it usually made: the stomach, the hooves, or the horns?
A11) The Stomach.
Q12) What sort of drink is Volvic?
A12) Mineral water.
Q13) Thiamin is also known as which B vitamin, B1, B2, or B12?
A13) Vitamin B1.
Q14) What sort of nut goes into Pesto: pine nuts, peanuts or almonds?
A14) Pine nuts.
Q15) Wormwood goes into which notoriously powerful drink: absinthe or tequila?
A15) Absinthe.
Q16) In which famous restaurant did the French chef Escoffier begin his career?
A16) The Moulin Rouge.
Q17) What utensil do the Chinese call ‘Lively Fellows’?
A17) Chop Sticks.
Q18) What is a Blue Vinney?
A18) A cheese.   (Not a footballing hard-man.)
Q19) Morel & Oyster are edible types of what?
A19) Mushrooms.
Q20) Which fruit can be cantaloupe, water or honeydew?
A20) A melon.
Q21) In whch Russian City is the TASS news-agency based?
A21) Moscow.
Q22) What website did Google buy, this year?
A22) YouTube.
Q23) What’s another name for the Timeline service?
A23) The Speaking Clock.
Q24) dB is the symbol for what well know measure of volume?
A24) Decibels.
Q25) How many bits are there, in a byte?
A25) 8.
Q26) Which Russian word means ‘speaking aloud’?
A26) Glasnost.
Q27) How does one address a female mayor?
A27) Madam Mayor.
Q28) What does the V stand for, in DVD stand for?
A28) Either Video, or Versatile!
Q29) What A–road links London with East Anglia?
A29) The A12.
Q30) What device was the first to be programmed by punch cards?
A30) The Loom.   (The Jacquard Loom, in point of fact.)
Q31) I Could Be So Good For You was the theme tune to which TV show?
A31) Minder.
Q32) Caroline Aherne was the star of Mrs Merton, and which other comedy show?
A32) The Royale Family.
Q33) René Artois, Mimi LaBonq and Herr Otto Flck all appeared in which comedy series … ?
A33) ’Allo ’Allo!.
Q34) Complete the following line from The Two Ronnies: “It’s goodnight from me…”
A34) “…and it’s Goodnight from him.”
Q35) Lynda LaPlante created, and Helen Mirrim played, which TV detective?
A35) Jane Tennyson.
Q36) Barnacle Bill is the theme tune to which long–running children’s TV show?
A36) Blue Peter.
Q37) Which former Monty Python star tried copying Phineas Fogg, for a TV travel documentary?
A37) Michael Palin.   (In Around The World In 80 Days)
Q38) Which gameshow did Jim Bowen present?
A38) Bullseye.
Q39) Which James bond actor found fame in the 60]s TV version of The Saint?
A39) Roger Moore.
Q40) Which TV detective worked for Radio West?
A40) Eddie Shoestring.
Q41) Which Scottish MP took part in Celebrity Big Brother?
A41) George Galloway.
Q42) In 2004, which Aussie Shane took 500 wickets?
A42) Shane Warne.
Q43) What mammal was washed up in the Thames, in 2006?
A43) A whale.
Q44) Two countries joined the EU, this year; - name either.   (Two points for both)
A44) Romania and Bulgaria.
Q45) Was 2006 Golden Globe winner, Brokeback Mountain, a documentary, or a Western?
A45) A western.
Q46) October 2012, saw ITV release a documentary: in which they revealed which DJ was a predatory sex offender … ?
A46) Jimmy Savile.
Q47) Who became England’s youngest footballer, in 2003?
A47) Wayne Rooney.
Q48) Which tennis playing Greg was cleared of using the banned substance, Nandralone, in 2004?
A48) Greg Rusedski.
Q49) Which Ruth succeeded Charles Clarke, as the Governments Education Secretary?
A49) Ruth Kelly.
Q50) Who did David Cameron beat, to become Tory party leader?
A50) David Davies.
Q51) How much can you inherit in Monopoly, according to the Community Chest Card?
A51) £100.
Q52) In the Morecambe Bay tragedy of February, 2004, what nationality were the immigrant workers?
A52) Chinese.
Q53) In the 1997 Formula 1 Arrows team, who was Damon Hill’s team mate?
Q54) Which lord reported on the Brixton Riots of 1981?
Q55) How many top ten hits did Catatonia have?
A55) Three.
Q56) Androphobia is the fear of who?
A56) Men.
Q57) Ivan Owen was only ever heard on tv for many years.   Which children’s character did he provide the voice of?
Q58) Approximately how many islands are there, in the Scillys?   (5 either way.)
A58) 145.   (Give the point for between 140 and 150.)
Q59) What’s the only English anagram of the word ‘SIGNATORY’?
Q60) If it’s 12 Noon, GMT, what time is it, in Panama City?
A60) 7am.
Enjoy that: I hope it helps.

*        Regulars already know, but for newcomers … all that means is that you’re free to copy, use, alter and build on each of my quizzes: including the Teasers, Gazette Teasers and the Friday Question Sets.   All I ask in return is that you give me an original authors credit on your event’s flyers or posters, or on the night: and, if you republish them, give me an original authors credit AND republish under the same license.   A link back to the site — and to the Gazette’s, if that’s where you’ve found these — would be appreciated.

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