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The Friday Question Set — 25-4-2014

Bleugh … !

Yeah … I think that’s the word for it … !

I have to admit, I’ve been helping a friend out: trying to work out how to get a virus off his computer.

Eyeball crunching stuff, it has to be said.

One of these day … ?

ONE of these day’s, I’ll worked out if I’ve actually managed to do it successfully!

Before my brain implodes, that is … !

At ANY rate … ?

At ANY rate, it’s Friday.

Which means that it’s time to post up the Friday Question Set*, covered by the usual Creative Commons License† …
Online 247
Q1) If you were playing AD and D, what game would you be playing?
A1) Advanced Dungeons and Dragons.
Q2) Which letter was used as a Roman numeral, and as a way of rating movies?
Q2) X.
Q3) How would you get a note out of a bassoon?
A3) Blow it.   (It’s a double-reeded woodwind instrument.)
Q4) The island of Majorca is part of which mainland European country?
A4) Spain.
Q5) Which Kate became the face of L’Oreal, in 1998?
A5) Kate Moss.
Q6) In a hospital, what does the E stand for, in the initials, A and E?
A6) Emergency.
Q7) In both comics and films, what colour is Batman’s cape?
A7) Black.   (Although, much as with Judge Dredd, it’s rendered in shades of dark blue and dark gray.)
Q8) Which part of Monaco is famed for its car rally?
A8) Monte Carlo.
Q9) The Murray is which country’s longest river … ?
A9) Australia’s.
Q10) Which movement did George Williams found, in 1844?
A10) The YMCA.
Q11) In which movie does does Robert De Niro utter the immortal line, “Are you talkin’ to me”?
A11) Taxi Driver
Q12) In the original movie version of Day of the Jackal, who is the Jackal trying to assassinate?
A12) Charles De Gaulle.
Q13) Who won an Oscar for their appearance in The Accused?
A13) Jodie Foster.
Q14) In All The President’s Men which controversial president is being talked about?
A14) Richard Nixon.
Q15) Which sci-fi film was the first collaboration between Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg?
A15) Minority Report.
Q16) In the original Hitchcock version of Psycho, what did the director use as fake blood: chocolate sauce, tomato sauce or soy sauce?
A16) Chocolate Sauce.
Q17) What sort of power station was the setting for the film, The China Syndrome?
A17) A nuclear power station.
Q18) Which Apollo mission was turned into a Tom Hanks film?
A18) Apollo 13.
Q19) Which Gabriel Byrne film had the tag line, Five Suspects.   One Line.   No co-incidence?
A19) The Usual Suspects.
Q20) Sissy Spacek film, Carrie, is based on a book by which horror writer?
A20) Stephen King.
Q21) The Shadow’s first single went straight to number 1: was it called Apache, Sioux or Cheyenne?
A21) Apache
Q22) Which French Musician’s first hit album was called Oxygène
A22) Jean Michel Jarré’s.
Q23) Brian Robson Rankin is the real name of which guitarist: Brian May, Hank Marvin or Eric Clapton?
A23) Hank Marvin.
Q24) Which dance-floor hit was Kylie Minogue’s first UK million seller?
A24) Can’t Get you Out of My Head.
Q25) Who recorded the No. 1 album, Come with Us, the Chemical Brothers, the Righteous Brothers or Cliff Richard?
A25) The Chemical Brothers.
Q26) Which Brotherhood had a British Eurovision win, in 1976?
A26) The Brotherhood of Man.
Q27) Which long running 70s prog rock band shared its name with the first book of the Bible?
A27) Genesis.
Q28) Which reality TV star, during the 80s, released the single, Bark at The Moon?
A28) Ozzy Osborne.
Q29) Steve Harris of Iron Maiden plays what instrument?
A29) Bass Guitar.
Q30) Rick Allen, the drummer for Def Leopard, famously lost his what, in a car accident?
A30) Arm.
Q31) Which novelist is the sister of Joan Collins?
A31) Jackie Collins.
Q32) Which Ruth created Inspector Wexford?
A32) Ruth Rendell.
Q33) Which Peter took the Darling children to Neverland?
A33) Peter Pan.
Q34) Who wrote the travel book, Himalaya, and made the TV series of the same name?
A34) Michael Palin.
Q35) Leo Tolstoy wrote about War and… what?
A35) Peace.
Q36) Which bird of prey …Has Landed, in the novel by Jack Higgins?
A36) The Eagle.
Q37) What was on the Island that Robert Louis Stevenson wrote about?
A37) Treasure.
Q38) What was the surname of the classic Charles Dickens character, Oliver?
A38) Twist.
Q39) What was the first name of romantic novelist, Miss Cookson?
A39) Catherine.
Q40) J. R. R. Tolkien famously wrote The Lord Of The Rings: what did the J stand for?
A40) John.
Q41) Who wrote Jamie’s Italy?
A41) Jamie Oliver.
Q42) Which celebrity chef presents The F Word?
A42) Gordon Ramsay.
Q43) A crown roast would be made from which meat?
A43) Lamb.
Q44) Large stuffed tubes of pasta are usually known as what?
A44) Cannelloni.
Q45) Mozzarella cheese is traditionally made from Buffalo milk: what snack food favourite does it usually go on?
A45) The Pizza.
Q46) What is a crouton usually made from?
A46) Fried bread.
Q47) What nuts go into marzipan?
A47) Almonds.
Q48) What colour is Demerara sugar?
A48) Brown.
Q49) Would a three star brandy be very good, average or cheap and nasty?
A49) Very good.
Q50) Is green bacon smoked or unsmoked?
A50) Unsmoked.
Q51) After a presentation in 2003, what letters did David Beckham add to his name?
A51) OBE.
Q52) Frank Lloyd Wright was famous for what: architecture, fashion design or cooking?
A52) Architecture.
Q53) What are the Howard League concerned with?
A53) Prison Reform.
Q54) Mount Ararat is the traditional resting place of which boat?
A54) Noah’s Ark.
Q55) In Treasure Island which stranded sailor is obsessed with cheese?
A55) Ben Gunn.
Q56) In South America, what is a hacienda: a bar, a large farmhouse or a type of bush?
A56) A large farmhouse.
Q57) Which of these is not a freshwater fish: cod, carp, pike or roach?
A57) Cod.
Q58) Which country won the Battle of Flodden?
A58) England.
Q59) In which art did John and Ethel Barrymore find fame?
A59) Acting.
Q60) Designer Giorgio Armani studied in Milan.   But for which profession?
A60) Medicine.
Enjoy those: I’ll catch you later … !

*        How I managed to forget it, last week, I REALLY don’t know … !

†        All that means is that you’re free to copy, use, alter and build on each of my quizzes: including the Teasers, Gazette Teasers and the Friday Question Sets.   All I ask in return is that you give me an original authors credit on your event’s flyers or posters, or on the night: and, if you republish them, give me an original authors credit AND republish under the same license.   A link back to the site — and to the Gazette’s, if that’s where you’ve found these — would be appreciated.

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