Saturday, 21 November 2015

Dr Who Series 9: Episode 10 — Face The Raven

Oh, my good LORD … !

They’ve killed Clara … !


Paul, stop gibbering: you’re knackered, and over excitable … !

Let me take a deep breath, here.

And briefly remind you I’m a fan of the TV series,  Dr Who.

As you’ve possibly worked out by now.

And, in all that time … ?

The series has only done what it’s done, tonight — killed a companion, on screen — a few times.

Twice before: if you don’t count the death of Amy and Rory.

Tonight?   In Face the Raven?

They killed Clara.

Blimey … !


Face The Raven sees the Doctor and Clara contacted by old friend, Riggsy: last seen in the series 8 episode, Flatline.

Since then?   Riggsy has settled down with his family: including his baby daughter.

However, he has a problem.

A tattoo.   On the back of his neck.

That’s counting down.

There’s something else.   Riggsy is ALSO missing memories of the day before.

And need the Dotor and Clara to find out what’s happened to him.

It’s only when the trio track down where he was — a heavily concealed street, hidden in the heart of London — they realise he’s got on the wrong side of a small group of alien refugees.

By murdering one of their number.

The tattoo is a countdown to the minute he gets killed by a creature disguised as a raven.

That tattoo can be passed on … but never cheated … 

Passed on, hey … ?


Now … ?

Am I impressed … ?

Oh, my WORD, yeas … !

Now, I know I’ve happily pointed at various episodes of Series 9: various ones as incredibly strong.

But Face the Raven?

Has got to be the strongest one yet.

The fact it’s made the brave move of killing off Clara: sacrificing herself to save Riggsy?

Will get this one VERY talked about … 


Debbi said...

It was sad ... I hate when companions die. :(

Nik Nak said...

Thankfully, it’s rare, Debbi …