Saturday, 7 November 2015

SPECTRE: James Bond Goes Hmmm … 


You get earworms, don’t you … ?

You know, a song that — for whatever reason — plays its way around your head.

THAT’S an earworm.

Right now?

The tune I’ve got is this one … 

The familiar James Bond them music originally used as the theme for Dr No, back in 1962, and used, in some way, shape or form, ever since.

The Reason I’ve got it ear worming it’s way through my head?

Is because I and my two sister, Anna and Ruth?

Went to see the latest theatrical James Bond release, SPECTRE.

And, yes … 

While I know Anna and Ruth are possibly going to disagree with me?

I think an appreciative — but not necessarily enthusiastic — “Hmm” noise is the best description.

In the aftermath of the events of Skyfall, Bond (Daniel Craig) is in Mexico, tailing an assassin called Sciarra, as the latter is plotting to blow up a sports stadium.

Sciarra escapes in a helicopter: and, in the ensuing fight, killed by Bond.

It’s only on his return to London — and suspension by M (Ralph Fiennes) — that we find out a few things.

That Bond was given orders to find Sciarra, by M’s predecessor as M (Judi Dench).

That Bond’s interested in someone called Franz Oberhauser.

And that MI6 is due to merge with MI5: under the command of Max Denbigh, the head of 5 known to all and sundry as C*.

Considering C’s played by Andrew Scott: Moriarty, if you’ve been watching the BBC1 version of Sherlock.

Yeah … 

Bodes well, doesn’t it … ?


At ANY rate … ?

“What,” I hear you ask, “are you thinking about SPECTRE, Paul?”

Unless that’s the pipes in the bathroom kicking off.

At any rate, what I’m thinking … ?

Is that SPECTRE’s a good film.

Not necessarily one of Daniel Craig’s best — I still say that’s Casino Royale — and certainly one that’s got a retro† James Bond feel, rather than the distinctly non-formula feel Daniel Craig’s era has usually produced.

Still … ?

While it’s not perfect, it DOES make for an entertaining evening’s watching.

That’s all one can ask‡ … 


*        STRICTLY speaking the head of MI5 is referred to as Director General.   ‘C,’ in UK espionage terms, as actually the head of MI6: in James Bond terms, the role usually filled by M … 

†        SERIOUSLY retro: I’ll give Christolph Waltz credit for a very good take on the character of Ernst Blofeld … but … 

‡        I should add, at this point, that pretty much the same production team are behind Penny Dreadful.   Which I, personally, am finding the more satisfying drama … 

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