Sunday, 8 November 2015

Dr Who Series 9: Episode 8 — The Zygon Inversion

Can I make a mild confession, here … ?

Can I … ?

You’re going to GET one, whether you want to hear it, or not.

Believe it or not, I’ve been At my Uncle Brian’s birthday do.

Which was rather good, it HAD to be said.

Damn good bit of beef, I should add: with some form of pepper -corn coating that only added to the fact that was a damn good slice of beef … !

If you follow me … ?

Possibly … not … … …

At ANY rate … I’ll confess I’m stuffed.

Going back for seconds?   Possibly wasn’t the best idea.

My four year-old nephew, Jude, bit it in his usual tactful way, on the way back home from Kent.

“Uncle Paul’s bottom smells!”

Heigh-ho … !

At any rate, I meant to quickly tell you about something I couldn’t do, last night.

Quite simply … ?

To tell you I’d finally caught last night’s episode of Dr Who.   And throughly enjoyed it.


Episode 8 of series 9 — The Zygon Inversion — follows on from last weeks episode — The Zygon Invasion — in showing us the Zygon duplicate of Clara — called Bonnie — aiming a very large bazooka at the plane the Doctor and Osgood are in.

Forcing it to make a crash landing.

That crash is only as survivable as it is, as Clara has some telepathic influence on Bonnie’s body: although the later doesn’t realise it.

It’s only by using Clara’s duplicated body, though, that bonnie and the rest of the Zygon splinter Faction are able to gain access to UNIT’s Black Archive.

And to the Osgood Box.

That allows her — in theory — to reveal that Zygons are hiding on Earth: and trigger a War … !

Things are complicated … 


Now … 

Good … ?


I found The Zygon Inversion to be a satisfying conclusion to last week’s opening: and one that, potentially, allows for further expansion of both UNIT, and the Zygons.

So long as the Zygons DON’T become the only reason to tell a UNIT story?

I’m happy.

And, although I felt Invasion of the Zygons to be the stronger of the two halves? The fact is, I ALSO found the Invasion/Inversion two parter to be an over all strong little pair.

Not necessarily as strong a pair as The Girl Who Died and The Woman Who Lived … 

But certainly capable of standing on it’s own two feet.

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Nik Nak said...

Apparently, Reece Sheersmith’s character in next week’s episode is called Rassmussen.

And not Dastari, as you may have assumed …