Friday, 6 November 2015

Penny Dreadful — Series 2 — Episodes 7 & 8: Little Scorpion & Memento Mori

You know, I have to admit to a certain amount of pride.

Will you would, wouldn’t you?

If you do a quick Google search for something: and get shown something you’ve gone and posted, earlier.

OK, that’s possibly the way my default browser — Safari — caches pages from Google’s search engine.

But still … it impressed me … 

At any rate, the Google search is sort of incidental to what I was going to do.

Yes … 

I’m going to mention the fact I’ve been At the Penny Dreadfuls, again.


At least … to tell you I’d been at more episodes of series 2 of Penny Dreadful.

Tonight … ?

After I and my family had been to a fireworks display in Kelvedon, I felt I should sit down with episode 7 and 8 of Penny Dreadful series: as I’ve been binge-watching it, during my time off.

Episode 7 — Little Scorpion — sees many things happening.   For starters?   In the wake of the events at Dorian Grey’s ball, Vanessa decides she must flee London, for her own safety: taking Ethan along for protection.   The Cut-Wife’s cottage on the moors?   Is no protection: as Vanessa comes across the Lord That murdered her mentor.

Episode 8 — Memento Mori — Back in London … ?   Back in London, Lily Frankenstein spends time with Dorian Grey.   Which leads to two things.   Her picking up — and then murdering — a complete stranger.   And introducing herself to John Clare, Frankenstein’s original Creature.   For all his flaws?   Clare finds his intended Bride … is far more monstrous than he.

And, in another story thread, Angelique, becoming ever more jealous of Lily, finds a secret passageway … to an attic with a picture … … 


Now … 

Yes … I’m going to tell you I’m impressed with Penny Dreadful.   Eva Green is, as ever, superb: as are Kinnear, Hartnett, Dalton, Treadaway, et al.

I have to add, here, I’m quietly pleased with Billie Piper*, in tonight’s two episodes.

Don’t forget, I’m more familiar with her work as Rose, in Dr Who.   Life long fan of the show that I  am, and as impressed with the rebooted series as I’ve been, even I’ll admit that her role in the show was lightweight, compared to what she’s doing in Penny Dreadful.   She could have played Lily — and Brona, in series 1 — as a somewhat more cynical version of Rose.

I THINK we can say that, in playing Lily … ?   Rose is going just a TOUCH bunny-boiler … 

*        Although, at SOME points … ?   I’m half expecting her to go into Lady Cassandra mode: complete with a cry of “OH MY GOD, I’m A CHAV!”

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