Sunday, 29 November 2015

Dr Who Series 9: Episode 11 — Heaven Sent

You know, I have to admit to having a godawful day at work.

‘Lighting Up Brentwood,’ the day MY town turns on its Christmas lights?

Is usually busy.

Frantically so.

And what’s more … ?
It usually features some truly snotty teenage punters.

Using the term ‘punter,’ very lightly, here.

At ANY rate … ?

At any Rate, Brentwood’s Christmas lights are on, for 2015.

It’s just a shame that — as ever — the lights we have … are … underwhelming … 

But, after work … ?

After work held something of a treat.

You see, it’s a Saturday night.

A Saturday night when I’ve gotten home in time to catch tonight’s episode of Dr Who.


And tonight … ?

Tonight’s episode, episode 11, in a set of twelve, is called Heaven Sent: and sees the Doctor arriving on the pad of a very advanced teleporter.

One in a room of a castle.

A castle that seems to twist, change and turn at any given moment.

And that contains a … thing that seems determined to catch the Doctor and make sure he doesn’t get out of the castle, alive.


If he confesses EXACTLY what he’s been hiding for so long.

It’s only when the Doctor finds Room 12, and the wall of Azbantium it contains, he realises exactly why the word ‘bird’ was scrawled into the sand in the teleporter room he first arrived in.

And … ?

Once he get through that wall?

He finally gets home … 


Now … ?

Good … ?

Oh, yes … !

Now, I will happily admit to being very tired, right now.

But I’ve just sat and watched a very strong episode of Dr Who: one that Peter Capaldi himself manages to carry — effortlessly — for some 55 minutes.

Not only that … ?

I’ve come away from Heaven Sent thinking it’s possibly the most unusual episode of Dr Who I’ve seen.

I’ve sat and watched it, being very aware that — in talking to ghost of Clara — the 12th Doctor is talking directly to us: breaking the fourth wall in the process.

I’ve not seen an episode of Dr Who, tonight.


I’ve seen theatre.

THAT’S left me amazed … 

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Debbi said...

The ending was especially breathtaking. :) It reminded me of a Next Generation episode, where events repeated over and over due to time loop.