Friday, 19 February 2016

The Friday Question Set — 19-2-2016

You know, Friday mornings can be a bit rushed.

Especially when I’m doing a long shift.

Honestly, money out of the bank, pay the bills, and then … 

Then into work for a 12:30 to 21:00 shift!

With that said … ?

Let’s get cracking … 


After all, it’s a Friday: which mean’s it’s time for the Friday Question Set.

Here’s this weeks, covered by the usual Creative Commons License* … 

Online 326

Q1) What church get its name from the Greek word for seat?
A1) A cathedral.

Q2) What’s the largest member of the tuba family?
A2) The Sousaphone.

Q3) In the UK aristocracy, which rank comes between a baron, and an earl?
A3) A Viscount.

Q4) Which musical is performed on roller skates?

Q5) In which European country did Punch and Judy shows originate?
A5) Italy.

Q6) Which Brazilian dance became popular, in Europe, in 1989: the Lambada, or the Tango?
A6) The Lambada.

Q7) In the E. M. Forster novel, A Room With A View, which Italian city provided the view?
A7) Florence.

Q8) Which fashion designer created The New Look, during the 50s?

Q9) What is made from a mixture of linseed oil, and chalkdust?
A9) Putty.

Q10) What’s the capital city of Norway?
A10) Oslo.


Q11) The Whale Shark is the largest species of what?
A11) Fish

Q12) Which fish shares its name with a type of sporting footwear?
A12) The Skate

Q13) What is the name of the world’s heaviest marine mammal?
A13) Blue Whale

Q14) A mollusc’s body is covered with what?
A14) A shell

Q15) What name is given to a baby whale, calf, puppy, or kid?
A15) Calf

Q16) Great White, Frilled, & Hammerhead are types of what?
A16) Shark

Q17) Dolphins, lobsters, or seals; - which one has pincers?
A17) Lobsters.

Q18) What type of sea life is the Portuguese Man O’War?
A18) Jellyfish

Q19) How many tentacles does a squid have?
A19) 10.

Q20) What 5 limbed sea creature has its mouth at the bottom of its body?
A20) The Starfish.


Q21) What type of wood is Balsa: hard, or soft?
A21) Hard.

Q22) Plantain, & yams, are relatives of which fruit?
A22) The banana

Q23) The Blackthorn is also known as which berry?
A23) The sloe berry.

Q24) The demands of which industry boosted the production of the rubber plant, last century? 
A24) The car industry.

Q25) What does a berry typically contain?
A25) Seeds.

Q26) How often do biennial plants flower and seed?
A26) Every second year?

Q27) The name ‘tulip’ comes from a Turkish word meaning what?
A27) Turban.

Q28) How is the wild Rosa Canina better known?
A28) The Dog Rose.

Q29) The Rose of York is which colour?
A29) White.

Q30) Gypsophilia is what: flower arranging, smoking, or eating?
A30) Flower arranging.


Q31) In which European country were the Baader Meinhot Gang based?
A31) Germany.

Q32) Hastings Banda became Prime Minister of which African country, in 1964?
A32) Malawi.

Q33) Which small Caribbean country triggered a missile crisis, during the 1960s?
A33) Cuba.

Q34) Black September were a terrorist group from which middle eastern country?
A34) Palestine/Israel.

Q35) In which year of the 1940s did the Battle of Britain begin?
A35) 1940.

Q36) General Pinochet lead a coup in which South American country?
A36) Chile.

Q37) During the 1980s, which Berkshire site was the scene of many anti-nuclear protests?
A37) Greenham Common.

Q38) Who succeeded François Mitterand as President of France?
A38) Jacques Chirac.

Q39) Milton Friedman was the senior policy advisor to which American president: Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, or George Bush, senior?
A39) Ronald Reagan

Q40) In which far Eastern country was the Great Leap Forward, during the 1950’s?
A40) China.


Q41) Is Aberdeen north or south of Glasgow?
A41) North

Q42) Prestwick and Gatwick are both what: airports, seaports, or film studios?
A42) Airports

Q43) In which English county are the Dales?
A43) Yorkshire.

Q44) Denbighshire is in which country of the UK?
A44) Wales

Q45) On which Devon Moor is there a famous prison?
A45) Dartmoor.

Q46) What is the administrative centre for Scotland’s Dumfries & Galloway region?
A46) Dumfries.

Q47) Eastbourne, Esher, or Eccles.   Which of these is on the coast?
A47) Eastbourne.

Q48) Where, in the UK, is Armagh?
A48) Northern Ireland.   (Accept Ulster, but not Ireland: that’s the Republic of Ireland.)

Q49) Who was the last Queen to inherit the throne of the UK: prior to Queen Elizabeth 2nd?
A49) Queen Victoria.

Q50) Dudley is near which major city of the Midlands?
A50) Birmingham.


Q51) Blondie had a UK hit with Atomic: in nineteen-eighty … when?
A51) 1980.

Q52) 2016 saw the Pope visit Cuba, AND Mexico.   Which Pope?
A52) Pope Francis.

Q53) Which kitchen item is linked to satellite TV?
A53) A dish.

Q54) How many minutes are there, in 11 hours?
A54) 660.

Q55) Trumpets and cornets belong to which group of musical instruments?
A55) Brass.   (What on EARTH are Flugelhorns all about … ?)

Q56) What word describes linking computers together?
A56) Networking.

Q57) Who did Bianca de Macias marry, in 1971?

Q58) Where on the body might a cataract appear?
A58) An eye.

Q59) The giant panda is native to which continent: Europe, Asia or Africa?
A59) Asia.

Q60) What was the name of the family, in The Beverly Hillbillies?
A60) Clampett.

I hope they help … 

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