Wednesday, 17 February 2016

The Strain Series 1 — Episodes 5 & 6: Runaways and Occultation.

You know, SOMEWHERE out there … ?

Is a universe where I get to bed sensibly early, the night before I’m due to go into work.

Oh, to hell with it.

I’ve done dafter things: trust me on that!

I DO know one thing, though.

That tonight is a night I had free.

Tonight is ALSO a night where broadcast TV had nothing appealing on.

You’ve possibly worked out — by now — that means I’ve hit the streaming media, again.

You’d be right.

I’ve caught episodes five and six, of the first series of The Strain.

And yes … it’s still watchable … 


Episode 5 — Runaways — sees Eph and Abraham — Corey Stoll and David Bradley — heading for the home of Ansel Arnot: Abraham wants to destroy another body, whilst Eph wants to make he films what happens.   He wants proof of what’s happening for his boss at the CDC’s New York HQ: so that someone will order a quarantine in New York.

He gets evidence.

Only to find his boss has called in the FBI: to investigate why Eph has apparently killed Captain Redfern.

Meanwhile … ?   Meanwhile, urologist, Dr. Evanston, is visiting Gabriel Bolivar*: see if she can help figure out what’s happened to his long gone genitals.   It’s only when Gabriel’s manager, Ruby, hears a scream, she realises that Gabriel is not quite the man he was.

Joan† — the fourth survivor of the plane — is back at home with her two children.   And deteriorating enough that the family many decides getting the kids away from the family home would be a good idea.

In amongst this … ?   Vasily Fet, Rat catcher extraordinary, is exploring the sewer: on to find the rats are leaving … as the bodies from the plane are now active.

And Nora goes to visit her mother, in a care home specialising in Alzheimer’s victims … when the place is attacked … 


Episode 6 — Occultation — opens with The announcement that New York is in the path of an eclipse: something the strigoi‡ are looking forward to.

Two FBI agents stop at the home which Eph had shared with his now estranged wife, Kelly: only to arrest him, when he finally arrives.

Abraham arrives at another victims home: only to find that a funeral had been happening.   He deals with the nest of Strigoi, there: only to lose his heart medication in the process.

Gus, along friend and fellow reformed gangster, Felix, are blackmailed by Eichhorst: into disposing of Captain Redfern’s body.   Working with Jim Kent, they throw it into the Hudson.

After his arrest … ?   The only thing Eph can do is offer to show the FBI agents who’ve arrested him, proof of his story.   They take him up on that: and head out in a cab, so he can direct them.

Of course … That’s when the eclipse kicks off.

You can tell things are getting hairy, can’t you … ?


Now … 

You can TELL I’m finding this very watchable, can’t you?

After all, this is the third night I’ve spent watching The Strain: and frankly?

I’m loving it.

As soon as I’ve seen the next episodes?

I’ll let you know … !

*        Played by Jack Kesy.

†        Leslie Hope.

‡        Abraham Setrakian uses the term in Episode Five, to describe the creatures.   The term is an old Romanian one: referring to a creature that drinks blood

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