Friday, 26 February 2016

The Friday Question Set — 26-2-2016

You know, you have to love a Friday … !

No really.

Frankly … ?   I’ve got the TV on, and Joanna Gosling is standing in for Victoria Derbyshire: and wondering why.

There’s a hell of a lot on, about football.

Which ISN’T my favourite thing … !


But it’s Friday … which means you don’t want to hear me whinge about football reporting.


You’re a pub quiz master looking for a question set in a hurry.

Which mean’s you’re here for … the Friday Question Set … !

Here’s this week’s set: covered, as ever, by the Creative Commons License* … 

Online 327.

Q1) Write the number 5 … in binary … 
A1) 101.

Q2) Tripoli is the capital city of which North African country?
Q2) Libya .

Q3) Britain’s Armada Memorial — the memorial the British win against the Spanish Armada  — is in Plymouth.   It’s reputedly on the site where Sir Francis Drake played what?
A3) Bowls.

Q4) Which organisation formed its first troop in Glasgow, in 1908: the Boy Scouts, the Boys Brigade or the Salvation Army?
A4) The Boy Brigade.

Q5) Who was the first British PM to take office four times: William Gladstone, Benjamin Disraeli, or Margeret Thatcher?
A5) Gladstone.

Q6) Where does a hydrophyte plant live: in soil, water or dead bodies?
A6) In water .

Q7) The Blue Cross Charity provides aid to what: Soldiers, animals or children?
A7) Animals.

Q8) Asteroids are numbered in order of what: discovery, size or weight?
A8) Discovery.

Q9) In the House of Commons, what qualification do you need to be Father of the House?
A9) The longest continuously serving Member.   (The current holder of the title is Gerald Kaufman.)

Q10) If you are an LLD, what subject have you studied?
A10) Law.


Q11) Ciabatta, and pitta, are types of what?
A11) Bread.

Q12) What type of pea is used in hummus?
A12) The chick pea.

Q13) What flavour is Kahlua?
A13) Coffe flavoured.   (It’s pronounced kal-WA)

Q14) In the kitchen, what is a mandolin used for?
A14) Slicing things.   (Eggs, tomatos, stuff like that.)

Q15) What shellfish are used in Moules Marinière?
A15) Mussels.

Q16) What colour is the sauce on a prawn cocktail?
A16) Pink.

Q17) What type of meat is brisket?
A17) Beef.

Q18) What name is given to a small segment of garlic?
A18) A clove.

Q19) True or false: Rosé is made from red grapes that have had their skins removed.
A19) True.

Q20) Anhui, Fujian and Shandong are regional cuisines … from where?
A20) China.


Q21) Edina is a well known designer: which famed food critic is her father?
A21) Egon Ronay.

Q22) Which 60s model is married to actor, Leigh Lawson?
A22) Twiggy.

Q23) Which American singer collaborated with Tommy Hilfiger, on the ‘True Star’ series of perfumes?
A23) Beyoncé Knowles.

Q24) Which supermodel became linked with Babbyshambles frontman, Pete Doherty, in 2005?
A24) Kate Moss.

Q25) Who released a perfume called Stella, in 2005?
A25) Stella McCartney.

Q26) Which cosmetic house did Liz Hurley become the face of, in 1995?
A26) Estée Lauder.

Q27) Which famous English photographer is Hawain model Marie Helvin married to?
A27) David Bailey.

Q28) Which star of The Hours advertised Channel Number 5?
A28) Nicole Kidman.

Q29) Which British designer is well known for having pink hair?
A29) Zandra Rhodes.

Q30) Which 2004 Oscar winner was the 2005 face of L’Oreal?
A30) Charlize Theron.


Q31) Which English star shot to fame, in the Britflick, Four Wedding & A Funeral?
A31) Hugh Grant.

Q32) Name the film, shot in Ireland, in which Australian Mel Gibson played a Scotsman.
A32) Braveheart.

Q33) What was the name of the most recent Carry On film?
A33) Carry On Columbus.

Q34) In which film did Robin Williams dress up as a Scottish nanny?
A34) Mrs Doubtfire.

Q35) What was the name of the Dustin Hoffman film about Peter Pan?
A35) Hook.

Q36) What did Schindler draw up, in the Steven Spielberg movie?
A36) Schindler’s List.

Q37) In the 1992 film of the same name, who or what is Beethoven?
A37) A Saint Bernard Dog.   (Accept just either Saint Bernard, or dog.)

Q38) In which film did Whoopi Goldberg first get in the habit?
A38) Sister Act.

Q39) Awakenings, Aladdin and Patch Adams are films featuring who?
A39) The late Robin Williams

Q40) Samuel L Jackson, John Travolta, Uma Thurman, Ving Rhames and Bruce Willis.   What’s the film?


Q41) Josh Kirby, & Paul Kidby have provided cover art for which fantasy writer?
A41) Terry Pratchett.

Q42) Which detective novelist has the initials PD?
A42) PD James.

Q43) When writing science fiction, rather than mainstream novels, Iain Banks wrote under which name?
A43) Iain M. Banks.   (The M stands for Menzies.   (Pronounced Ming.))

Q44) Which little girl had Adventures in Wonderland?
A44) Alice.

Q45) In the title of the book by Alexander Dumas, how many Musketeers were there?
A45) Three.

Q46) Which Robinson was stranded on a Desert Island?
A46) Robinson Crusoe.

Q47) Toad of Toad Hall features in which children’s classic?
A47) Wind in the Willows.

Q48) Which artist’s name feature’s in Dan Brown’s best known novel?
A48) Leonardo Da Vinci.

Q49) William Wordsworth wrote about which flower?
A49) The daffodil.

Q50) What’s the religious occupation of the medieval detective, Cadfæl?
A50) Monk.


Q51) Edward McGinnis is better known as one half of which comedy duo? 

Q52) Which northern US state was the first to abolish slavery?

Q53) What does a lapidary deal in: gems, precious metals or camels?
A53) Gems.

Q54) What was the title of Elvis Presley’s first British number 1?
A54) All Shook Up.

Q55) Who cut off the tails of the Three Blind Mice?

Q56) Name the second country to put a man in space.
A56) The USA.

Q57) How many sides does a rhombus have?
A57) Four.   (It’s a four sided shape with four sides of equal length.)

Q58) In geography, the UAE are the United Arab what?
A58) Emirates.

Q59) A kilogram is just over how many pounds, in imperial weight?
A59) 2 pounds.

Q60) Which word means either a pair of trousers, OR rapid breathing?
A60) Pants.

Enjoy those: I hope they’re useful … !

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