Monday, 15 February 2016

The X-Files 2016: Episode 2 — Founder’s Mutation

You know, this is getting to be a habit.

That is to say, getting home, quickly grabbing something to eat … and then sitting down to watch TV … 

Is getting to be a habit!

Yes … It’s a Monday night.

Which, if you noticed the post I put up, last week … ?

Means one thing, at the mo … 

Episode 2 of … 

The X-Files


Episode 2 — Founder’s Mutation — opens by showing us a chap called Dr Sanjay: heading off to work at Nugenics, a genetic engineering company working for the US Department of Defence.

And, whilst there?   Hearing noises that led to his suicide.

Mulder and Scully are called in: as the case of potentially an old school X-file.

Their investigations soon led them to a flat Dr Sanjay rented in a seedier part of Washington: where he keeps picture of children — horribly disfigured children — who his boss has kept in captivity.

All in the name of science, of course.

Ultimately … ?   the pair figure that the noise Dr Sanjay — and Mulder, himself — have been hearing has been caused by Kyle Gilligan: a telepath who’d been experimented on, before birth, by Dr Gouldman, the head of Nugenics.

The episode closes … ?   With Gilligan kidnapping his sister from the Nugenics lab, after killing The Dr who’d held her captive.


Now … ?

Good … ?

Oh, yes: and thoroughly enjoyable.

Of all The X-Files episode, I always enjoyed the Monster of the Week ones.   Whilst the story arc episodes were and are fantastic, the fact the former needed no knowledge of where the overall plot was going.


I like that!

Either way … ?

Roll on next week … !

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