Wednesday, 24 February 2016

The Strain Series 1 — Episodes 9 & 10: The Disappeared and Loved Ones

Did I mention, last night, that I occasionally like music, when writing?



I’m listening to OMD’s Dazzle Ships: something of a favourite, and one I’ve not played for a while.

I may JUST move on to Architecture and Morality: whilst simultaneously avoiding Junk Culture.

Not that the latter’s a bad collection of songs.

It’s just a touch … you know … 

Poppy … !

And poppy isn’t necessarily what I’m wanting to listen to, right now.


Not when I’m going to tell I’ve just watched two more epodes of … The Strain … !


Episode  9 — The Disappeared — opens with Diane, an old friend of the Goodweathers, From before Eph and Kelly divorced, dropping their son Zach, back to a suspiciously darkened house.

Only for Zach to be almost killed by Matt, his mothers boyfriend: who’s been transformed into a Strigoi.

Zach is rescued by Eph: who flees with his son, to the safety of Abraham’s pawn shop.

In other parts of New York, Gus (Miguel Gomez) is being transported to Ryker’s Island: along with his seriously infected friend, Felix.

Gus only manages to get off the prison van — and away from potential imprisonment  — after Felix attacks one of the guard: the one driving the vehicle … 

All of this … ?   All of this is set against a series of flash-backs: to when Eichhorst and Setrakian met in Treblinka … 


Episode 10 — Loved Ones — sees Zach digging up a second-hand Mac* from Setrakian’s pawn shop: and using it — and the intermittent internet — to trace his mother’s phone.   Prompting Eph to try to find her.

In the meantime … ?   In the meantime, Dutch — Ruta Gedmintas — confesses to the team that it was her and her group of hackers that were responsible for the state of the ’Net.   And that, to try and do something about this, she should head for the Stoneheart Group’s HQ.

And, in a series of flashbacks, we see Eph desperately trying to find Kelly: only to find Diane sand her son, who’ve fallen victims the Strigoi infection … 

After being attack by Kelly.

She … ?

Is ever so slowly heading for New York’s subways and tunnels.   She’s being impelled … 

By the voice of the Master, himself … 


Now, I have to say, the quality of these episodes … ?   Is still good: whilst I’m still not quite sure how big a part Dutch seems to be playing, the other-all Arc of this first series looks to be heading for a a big finish.

AND … ?

And, once again, has kept me glued to the blessed thing.

Frankly … ?

Going on the strength of the episodes, for far, I’d urge you to to check this first season out.

It’s looking rather good.

*        Personally … ?   I’m thankful I’ve to one, myself … :D

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