Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Class: Series 1 — Episode 7 - The Metaphysical Engine, or What Quill Did.

30th November, 2016.

OK, it’s Saint Andrews Day.

For many of us?

It’s going to be a day for celebrating our inner Scottishness.

Speaking as a non-Scot?

I’m not.

I’ve a day off, though.

For me?   That’s meant ironing: an office job that demands shirts, means one has to have something that looks flat.

Oh, and making videos.

I couldn’t tell you what’s chewed up more time, over the years.

Ironing, work, writing this blog … 

Sometimes, it feels like I’ve got a couple of jobs … !

At ANY rate?   The other thing that chews up time, is TV.

And, frankly?

Just recently, my attention’s been caught by one series: the BBC3 based, online only — for now — Dr Who spin-off.

And yes, the name’s still accurate.


Episode 7The Metaphysical Engine, or What Quill Did — runs concurrently with last weeks sixth episode.

With an identical opening, the episode focuses on Ms Quill’s (Katherine Kelly) activities, after she leaves the gang in detention.

Headmistress Ms Ames (Pooky Quesnel) has offered to remove the Arn in Ms Quill’s head.

The parasitical creature is what prevents Ms Quill from killing: and the former guerrilla fighter is finding it painful … and needlessly restrictive.

In order to get the creature our of Ms Quill’s head?

Ms Ames picks up Ballon — Chiké Okonkwo — to act as surgeon: and takes the newly built team three different metaphysical places.

In order to pick up an Arn they can study, a Quill head, AND to release enough of Ballon’s shapeshifting abilities to be useful.

The operation?

Is ultimately successful.

But, in a final scene?

Sees Ballon die … 

As the Coal Hill School governors only have enough energy to get either Quill or  Ballon back from the Soul Cabinet where they pair have ended the journey.

It’s only after this … ?

That we see Ms Quill take the team out of detention, and save Charlie from the menace of last week … 

By shooting it.

Something who only now is able to do … 


Now … 

I was saying Class lives up to its name: in having class?

Oh, my word, doesn’t it just?

Last weeks episode, Detained was and is a fantastic piece: showing us the main cast getting to know each other, each of their flaws And strengths: AND how to work together as a group.

This week’s companion piece, however?

Focuses on Ms Quill: on her story arc as a freedom fighter who feels herself to be unjustly imprisoned.

And does so with a great deal of panache, style, wit … 

And with writer, Patrick Ness, director, Wayne Yip, and actress Katherine Kelly, on seriously good form.


I’m thinking this episode — along with it’s companion piece, Detained — have been the highlight of the series so far.

Class lives up to its name.

Episode six and seven?

Make it worth watching.

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Nik Nak said...

As a final thought?

This particular episode sees Ms Quill and her fellow travellers visiting places that Ms Ames tells her are entirely metaphysical: places of gods, monsters and demons.

That the Metaphysical Engine of the title, the suspiciously timelord looking device that allows them to be visited?

Gets them to places that are real … because they are believed in.


I found that idea comfortable.

And reminiscent of Sir Terry Pratchett’s Discworld: which had gods who only existed if they were believed in, and a population who believe that if it’s imaginable, it’s going to turn up, somewhere …