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Nik Nak’s Friday Question Set — 28-11-2016

You know … 

I still don’t like Black Friday.

No … Really … !

I don’t think it’s the right thing for folk in the UK to be marking someone else’s holiday — the US holiday of Thanksgiving — at second hand … 

By having a set of sales the day after a holiday we in the UK don’t actually celebrate.

To add insult to injury … ?

I was in Brentwood Hight Street, earlier: paying bills and doing a little shopping, as you do.

When I got offered a whole pamphlet full of Black Friday deals by a shivering Argos employee.

Including a good deal on Playstation consoles.

I had to let her down gently.

I’m not THAT much of a gamer.

And, as I told her … ?

Just a bit insulted by a Black Friday offer in the first place.

Oy Vey … 


At any rate, it’s Friday.

Which means it’s time for this week’s Friday Questions Set.

Here’s this week’s one: covered by the usual Creative Commons License* … 

Online 356

Q1) Eamon De Valera was the first Prime Minister of which European republic?
A1) The Republic of Ireland.   (Accept Eire)

Q2) What sign of the Zodiac covers the period April 20th to May 20th?
Q2) Taurus.

Q3) Which Rugby Union side are known as ‘The Saints’?

Q4) Tallahassee is the administrative capital of which US state?
A4) Florida.

Q5) 30th January, 1972 is more notoriously known how?

Q6) Which African country was formerly known as French Sudan?
A6) Mali.

Q7) Josip Broz was better known as which Eastern European leader?

Q8) William Shakespeare, William Faraday, and Edward Elgar have all appeared where?
A8) On £20 notes.

Q9) Which Bedfordshire Wildlife Park first opened its doors, in 1931?
A9) Whipsnade.

Q10) In North America, what’s the significance of July 1st: Canada Day, US Independence Day, or Martin Luther King’s birthday?
A10) Canada Day.


Q11) Fraser Heston played the baby Moses, in his father’s film about the biblical figure of the same name.   Who was his father?
A11) Charlton Heston.

Q12) Which Sean played Harrison Ford’s father, in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade?
A12) Sean Connery.

Q13) Which cowboy had a horse called Trigger?
A13) Roy Rogers.

Q14) In which European country was Brigitte Bardot born?
A14) France.

Q15) Which Juliette won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar, for her part in The English Patient?
A15) Juliette Binoche.

Q16) Name either of the actor’s to have played Obi-Wan Kenobi, in Star Wars.   (Two points for both.)
A16) Alec Guinness, or Ewan McGregor

Q17) Which disease technically killed Rock Hudson: Pneumonia, the ’Flu or the Common Cold?
A17) Pneumonia.   (It killed him, because he had a collapsing immune system, due to AIDS)

Q18) What is Samuel Jackson’s middle initial?
A18) L

Q19) In the film, The Wizard of Oz, which character sang Somewhere Over The Rainbow?
A19) Dorothy.

Q20) In which film would you find Riff-Raff, Magenta, & Columbia?
A20) The Rocky Horror Picture Show.


Q21) Gran Canaria is in which group of islands?
A21) The Canaries.

Q22) What word describes the Beach were the Queen Mary was docked for many years?
A22) Long.   (It’s in California)

Q23) Los Angeles suffers a severe smog problem due to its high percentage of what?
A23) Cars.

Q24) What type of waterway is at Suez?
A24) A canal.

Q25) Aborigines are from which Commonwealth country?
A25) Australia.

Q26) Quebec is the French speaking part of which American country?
A26) Canada.

Q27) On which continent is Swahili spoken?
A27) Africa.

Q28) How are the Inuit better known?
A28) Eskimos.

Q29) In Spanish, it’s the Rio de las Amazonas: what is it in English?
A29) The Amazon.

Q30) During the 60’s, what name did Zimbabwe have?
A30) Rhodesia.


Q31) The first Laurel and Hardy film was released in which year of the 1920s?
A31) 1927

Q32) The film was called Putting Pants on …’ who: Phillip, Phyllis or Fred?
A32) Phillip

Q33) The who concerned, needed pants — or trousers, for those of us who aren’t American — as he was constantly wearing what: a skirt, a sarong or a kilt?
A33) A kilt.  (The earliest known ones have been dated to the 1600s: the modern ‘walking’ kilt was designed by a Quaker from Lancashire.)

Q34) Putting Pants was the first time Laurel and Hardy were credited as a team.   They first worked together on The Lucky Dog, when: 1920, 1921 or 1922?
A34) 1921.

Q35) Was Putting Pants a silent film?
A35) Yes

Q36) Unaccustomed As We Are was one of the pairs’ early talkies.   When was it released: 1927, 1929 or 1931?
A36) 1929

Q37) Their first feature film was released in 1931.   What was it called: Excuse Us, Pardon Us or Pardon Me?
A37) Pardon Us.   (I’m not counting two earlier features — The Hollywood Revue of 1929 and The Rogue Song — as the pair weren’t the headlining stars of the films.)

Q38) Laurel and Hardy’s fan club takes its name from what’s arguably their best film.   The film’s called The Sons Of The … what?
A38) The Sons Of The Desert.   (The club, itself, has some 150 chapters.)

Q39) Which of the pair was English: Stan Laurel or Oliver Hardy?
A39) Stan Laurel: the skinny one.

Q40) Finally … the American half of the pair was from which US state?
A40) Georgia


Q41) Which company did Steve Jobs leave, before setting up NeXT, Inc?
A41) Apple.

Q42) Akio Morita, & Masaru Ikuba set up which company?
A42) Sony.

Q43) Which motor manufacturer made the first non-stop double crossing of the English Channel, by plane?
A43) Charles Rolls.

Q44) Which supermarket chain introduced the ‘George’ fashion label?
A44) Asda.

Q45) Chris Evans company famously bought Virgin Radio: what was its name?
A45) Ginger Productions.

Q46) Sir Clive Sinclair famously introduced the Sinclair C5 electric bicycle: what type of motor did he use to build the prototype?
A46) Washing machine.

Q47) Sir Henry Tate, the man who  set up the Tate Gallery, made his money from what?
A47) Sugar.

Q48) Which chain of cinema’s did Sir Richard Branson buy, in 1995?
A48) MGM.

Q49) What vehicle did Cammell Laird manufacture: ships, planes, or trains?
A49) Ships.

Q50) Which British chain store announced it was closing all its European stores, in April,2001?
A50) Marks and Spensers


Q51) What would a cooper make?
A51) Barrels.

Q52) Which former A-Team actor appeared in Celebrity Big Brother?

Q53) Which college of London University was founded by Sidney James Webb?

Q54) The creeping mint, Mentha pulegium, is used in many medicinal teas; - how’s it better known?
A54) Pennyroyal.

Q55) Everard Calthrop, Anastase Dragomir and James Martin, all invented versions a safety device on aircraft.   Which safety device??
A55) The Ejector seat.

Q56) Which English explorer was imprisoned in the Tower of London and beheaded in 1618?
A56) Sir Walter Raleigh.

Q57) What is a sepulchre?
A57) A tomb.

Q58) There’s a 12 foot bronze statue of a woman by FW Pomeroy on the roof of one famous London building.   Which London building?
A58) The Old Bailey.

Q59) A menhir is what: a statue, a standing stone or a tree?

Q60) The first Butlins holiday camp opened in 1936: in which seaside resort?
A60) Skegness.

Enjoy those … 

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