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Nik Nak’s Friday Question Set — 18-11-2016

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With that said, I give you this week’s Friday Question Set: covered by the usual Creative commons License* …

Online 355

Q1) In which decade were satellite tv pictures first broadcast across the Atlantic?
A1) The 1960s.

Q2) The police series, Bergerac was set on which Channel Island?
Q2) Jersey.

Q3) Helvetia is mentioned on stamps from which country: Switzerland, Greece, or South Africa?

Q4) What colour is Paprika?
A4) Red.

Q5) Viagra was originally prescribed to do what: improve the circulation, improve the memory, or prevent arthritis?
A5) Improve the circulation.

Q6) Miss Anna Jarvis inargurated which Day, in Philedelphia, in 1907: Mothers Day, Fathers Day, or Be Nice to Your Boss Day?

Q7) Which town was the site of the first public school for girls: Cheltenham, Eltham or Roedean?

Q8) How was Prison Camp Oflag IVC better known, during World War Two?
A8) Colditz.

Q9) Which part of the body does a reflexologist deal with?
A9) The Feet.

Q10) Atom Heart Mother was the first chart topping album by which iconic British group: Pink Floyd, Queen or Hawkwind?
A10) Pink Floyd.


Q11) What would you ask Laurence Llewellen Bowen to design, interiors, or exteriors?
A11) Interiors.

Q12) Sarah Brightman was married to which theatre impresario?
A12) Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Q13) Which of Roald Dahl’s relatives is famed in the fashion world?
A13) Sophie Dahl.

Q14) How is Lanfranco Dettori better known?
A14) Frankie Dettori.

Q15) What colour is Charlie Dimmock’s hair?
A15) Red.

Q16) Journalist, Malcolm Muggeridge, is the first person known to have used the term, “famous for being …” what?
A16) Famous.

Q17) Who, along with Judy, left This Morning, in 2001?
A17) Richard.

Q18) What’s the first name of Jamie Oliver’s wife?
A18) Jules.

Q19) Guy Ritchie married which US superstar, in 2000?
A19) Madonna.

Q20) Which member of the Lawson Family was dubbed the ‘Domestic Goddess’?
A20) Nigella Lawson.


Q21) Which islands share their name with Richard Branson’s airline?
A21) The Virgin Islands.

Q22) Which country on the eastern border’s of France has a name beginning with S?
A22) Switzerland.

Q23) Dallas is in which US state?
A23) Texas.

Q24) What does the Dead Sea taste of?
A24) Salt.

Q25) Ecuador is on which continent?
A25) South America.

Q26) In which US city is the Empire State Building?
A26) New York.

Q27) Algeria is on the north coast of which continent?
A27) Africa

Q28) Which city comprises Old Delhi, & New Delhi?
A28) Delhi.

Q29) What’s the official language of Russia?
A29) Russian.

Q30) The Lakota are native to which continent?
A30) North America.   (They’re otherwise known as the Sioux)


Q31) In which London venue do the annual Proms take place?
A31) The Albert Hall

Q32) What, apart from a piece of music, is a Waltz?
A32) A dance

Q33) Placido Domingo is famed for which type of music?
A33) Opera.

Q34) What was the first name of opera singer, Ms Callas?
A34) Maria.

Q35) What is the highest female singing voice, contralto, mezzo–soprano, or soprano?
A35) Soprano.

Q36) How many performers are there in a string quartet?
A36) Four.

Q37) How do you get a noise out of a tamborine?
A37) Hit it.

Q38) What was Tchaikovsky’s first name; - Peter, Paul, or Mary?   (Either in Russian or English)
A38) Peter.   (Pyotr.   (pee OT tree))

Q39) Which of these instuments is the largest; - the violin, the viola, or the cello?
A39) The cello.

Q40) In which country is the Sydney Opera House?
A40) Australia.


Q41) What exactly is feta?
A41) Cheese.

Q42) If coffee is drunk without milk, or cream, how is it described?
A42) Black.   (or Café Noir, if you’re feeling posh.)

Q43) Which Earl gave his name to a mild tea?
A43) Earl Grey.

Q44) Ciabatta bread originated in which European country?
A44) Italy.

Q45) Chardonney is what sort of wine; – white, red, or rosé?
A45) White.

Q46) The original version of Pernod was the world’s first what?
A46) Absinthe.

Q47) The shallot is what type of vegetable?
A47) Onion.

Q48) Seville, in Spain, is famed for which citrus fruit?
A48) Oranges.

Q49) What shape pasta  is used to make Lasagne?
A49) Rectangular.

Q50) Passata is a puréed version of which fruit?
A50) Tomatoes.


Q51) Victor Emmanuel 2nd was the first king of which European country?
A51) Italy.

Q52) Leander is the world’s oldest club: but which sport is it dedicated to?
A52) Rowing.

Q53) In which year of the 1970s did John Lennon perform his last live concert?
A53) 1972.

Q54) Michæl Fagan hit the headlines when he broke into where?
A54) Buckinham Palace.   (He famously asked the Queen for a light.)

Q55) Thriller writer Salvatore Lombino is better known how?
A55) Thriller writer Ed McBain.

Q56) Philip Blaiberg was the third person to do what: pilot a space shuttle, receive a heart transplant, or fly a hot air balloon?

Q57) Richard 2nd is said to have popularised the use of which everyday item: the handkerchief, the salt and pepper pots or the chip pan?
A57) The Hanky.

Q58) The Lev is the currency of where: Bulgaria, Romania, or Poland?
A58) Bulgaria.

Q59) José Capablanca found fame playing which game?
A59) Chess.

Q60) In sayings, how many lives has a cat supposed to have?
A60) Nine.

I hope those are useful!

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