Tuesday, 13 June 2017

American Horror Story — Series 1: Murder House — Episodes 1, 2 and 3: Pilot, Home Invasion and Murder House.

13th June, 2017

You know … it’s not that often I tell you I want to go to bed.

You’ve possibly noticed.


I’d like to get to bed, tonight.

Preferably before midnight.

But, on the other hand?

You’ve possibly worked out I like a TV show or two.   With current viewing favourites ranging from Dr Who, to House of Cards and Mr Robot … via Merlin and Stranger Things.

I’ve also got a old Model MacPro: one has three extra internal hards drives, storing a collection of movies and TV box sets I own … but haven’t necessarily watched, yet.

On the only night off, I’ve had this week?   Decided I should watch one of the box sets I’ve had sitting around for a while.

The anthology horror drama that is … American Horror Story.

And, despite the opening episode ALMOST putting me off?

I think I’ve just seen something interesting … 


Episode 1Pilot — introduces to a pair of adventurous twins: challenging each other to sneak into the Murder of the series title.

The place has an unfortunate reputation for being haunted.

The twins never come out.

The main part of the episode introduces us to the Harmon family: father, Ben (Dylan McDermott), mother, Vivien (Connie Britton) and their teenage daughter, Violet (Taissa Farmiga).   The family have relocated to California: after Ben has has an affair, and Vivian has miscarried.

Their have high hopes for their new home.

Only to learn — from Constance (Jessica Lange), the creepy neighbour — it has a more gruesome history than the estate agent told them about.

Episode 2Home Invasion — sees Ben dealing with the initial patients for his new psychology practise.

Only to have to deal with a phone call from his ex-mistress, Hayden (Kate Mara) who tell him she’s carrying his child.

He has to return home, quickly: as both Vivian and Violet are being menaced by a trio of intruders, obsessed with the Murder House.

Episode 3Murder House — sees the family finances take a blow: something not helped by Vivian’s insistence the family re-locate.

Nor does something else: Ben is being blackmailed both by Hayden … and by Larry (Denis O’Hare), a previous resident of the house: who only left the place, when jailed for the murders of his wife and two children … 


Now … 

Good … ?   Bad … ?   Interesting … ?

Yes … I’d have to say, I took one heck of a punt on American Horror Story: unsure of whether I’d like it.

That first episode, Pilot?   Was one that didn’t immediately grab me.   I thought it was trying just a little too hard to be a bit way, frankly.

I gambled on it, though … reasoning that it was the pilot episode: and could well be different in tonefrom the rest of the first series.

And from any other: as I knew each series has a different cast, and story, from any other series of AHS.

I’m glad I decided to stick with series one, though.

The two following episode?   Calmed down the tone quite a bit: and had less jaggedy editing, into the process.

Something I felt was a serious pain, actually.

On the hole?

I think I’m going to carry on watching.

Like a good novel, this first series of American Horror Show seems to be interesting enough to make me want to catch the rest.

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