Saturday, 3 June 2017

High Tension/Switchblade Romance: Go Watch!

2nd June, 2017

OK … 

It’s late — or, at least, lateish — on a Friday night … and I’m up … after having watched a film.

Yes, I know: I could easily go out out and watch on.

But, frankly, the weather’s been changeable, today: veering from light drizzle to chucking it down.

 To highlight that?   I went to my local Nisa, earlier: thinking the rain wasn’t that heavy.

And came back looking like a drowned rat.

Or a very odd Ms Wet T-shirt 2017.

Yes …

I’m sure you find that a pretty mental image … !

And one that possibly avoids the point, here.

I fancied watching a film.

And, whilst I have copies of both Arrival and Passengers?

I fancied neither.

It wasn’t until a chap called Benjamin — a former customer at one of the pubs I worked in — asked for recommendations, that I got a suggestions, myself.

Courtesy of an old friend and neighbour, called Faye.

Who suggested that New French Extremity film, High Tension, would go down well.

And that it was also know as Switchblade Romance, here in the UK.

I think Faye has a point.

If it’s not brilliant, then High Tension/Switchblade Romance IS very watchable.


Hmmm … 

I think I’ll stick with calling the thing, High Tension.

To my ears?

The English version of the film’s original title sounds better, somehow.

The film opens?

Showing us a seriously injured young woman, whispering to herself.

Then … ?

Cuts to another woman: covered in blood, and running scared from someone heavily armed … 

And then shifts, again … 

Showing us Marie’s — Cécile de France — waking up from a bad dream in the of her best friend, Alex — Maïwenn — car.

The friends are intent on staying the the isolated farmhouse owned by Alex’s family.

It’s only after they’ve arrived and got settled in?

That someone comes to the door: and, on getting it answered by Alex’s father?

Decapitate’s him with a bookcase … 

And then gets to work on Alex’s mother, and kid brother.

You can tell the two friends are going to have a long night …


Now … 

Was Faye right, you ask: when she said High Tension is brilliant?

Well … 

I don’t know if I’d use quite the same language.

But that’s a difference in style, as much as anything else.

I do know that, in suggesting High Tension to me, Faye’s introduced me to a very watchable piece of French horror.   One that’s both blood soaked: and that comes with mucky motivation, sympathetic characters …

And a twist that was both unexpected, AND me nailed to my chair, when it turned up.


Whatever you call this film — High Tension or Switchblade Romance — I would seriously suggest seeing it.

High Tension will repay you with a lot of enjoyment.
High Tension

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