Saturday, 11 November 2017

American Horror Story — Series 4: Freak Show — Episode 11: Magical Thinking

11th November, 2017

It’s official.

I’ve done dafter things: but staying up late isn’t one of them.

Or possibly is.

At any rate?

I’m up comparatively late: after a five o’clock start.

Working days: you have to love it.

Frankly?   I’ve another early start, tomorrow.

With, of course, another five o’clock start on the cards.

Foolishly, and if I mistime things?

That means a couple of things.

Either I’m a fool.

OR I’ve had time for just one episode of American Horror Story’s fourth season.

Yes … magical thinking seems an apt title.

Or possibly not


Episode 11Magical Thinking — opens with a flashback to the last episode: showing us Stanley (Denis O’Hare) tempting Jimmy Darling (Evan Peters) how he can make serious money in his up-coming murder trial.   He doen’t need to spend an arm and a leg.

Just a hand.

Back at the camp?

Back at the camp, the troupe are being entertained by Chester (Neil Patrick Harris), the travelling salesman.    He’s got a lot of pet chameleons for sale.

Chameleons … 

Chameleons, and interest in being an entertainer … 

And a dark secret in the shape of a ventriloquist’s doll called Marjorie (Jamie Brewer).

You wouldn’t believe what you can do with a doll … 


Now …

A welcome return for Jamie Brewer, Neil Patrick Harris doind his Anthony Hopkins routine … 

And a big climactic confrontation between Dell (Michael Chiklis) and Desiree (Angela Bassett), and between Dandy (Finn Wittrock) and Chester … 

And Madame Elsa … ?   Being Madame Elsa … 

Makes for a fantastic episode.

I’ve also got to admit, the show’s production have — I feel — lifted Neil Patrick Harris character straight out of Magic: a film many argue is the best thing Hopkins ever put to celluloid.

I couldn’t tell you: I’ve never actually seen it.

But given Freak Show has made a point of referencing it?

Maybe I should.

Once I’ve seen the last two episodes …

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