Friday, 17 November 2017

The Strain — Series 4: Episode 4 and 5 — New Horizons and Belly of the Beast.

17th November, 2017.

I think — only think, mind — that I’ve read there’s certain meditational states that are the results, not of d … 

No, wait …

… …

Someone just rang on my door, there, and totally interrupted the train of my thought.

Whoever they were?

Wanted me to let them into the block: so they could buy a car from someone here.

Without being able to tell me who that was.

Or even what number the seller lived at.

Whoever it was that rang my door bell?

Was not someone I was going to let in.

Not at this time of night.

After all, if I’m going to buy your car?   I’d have the sense to ask where I’m going to get it from.


That’s managed to completely derail my train of thought.

I was going to burble happily on about the impression I’d picked up — over the years — that you can induce a vaguely meditational state, by being very tired.

Who knows where that would’ve gone!

As it goes … ?

I’m simply going to tell you I’ve caught more of The Strain’s fourth season.


Episode 4 New Horizons sees Desai (Cas Anvar) threatened by no less a person than Eichhorst (Richard Sammel): the Master’s chief factotum went’s the breeding program accelerated.

By shortening the pregnancies to six months.

Meanwhile? Gus (Miguel Gomez) and Creem’s  joint operation is hit by a rival gang.   One Gus soon discover’s is headed by a group of ex-New York city cops.

And Dutch (Ruta Gedmintas)… ?   Attempts an escape.   Only to find where a lot of women are being taken too … 


Episode 5 Belly of the Beast sees Dutch recaptured.

Recaptured … but having some hope, as Eichhorst and Desai inadvertently tell her Setrakian is still alive.

Back on the road?   Quinlan is having flashbacks to 19th century London … 

Whilst Eph and Alex find their way to the New Horizon’s farms.

Only to find out what exactly is being farmed … 


Now … 

Tired, and meditational?

Yep: I’m even making assorted auuuuuum noises: whilst I creak in a cross legged position.

But … ?

I’m also thinking tonights two episodes of The Strain are equally as good the their immediate predecessors, bringing the plot forward, making good use of Richard Sammel, under use of Rhona Mitra, at LEAST one use of the word ‘wanker’ … 

And a taste for more!

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