Sunday, 19 November 2017

The Strain — Series 4: Episode 6 and 7 — Tainted Love and Ouroboros.

19th January, 2017

*Mild Spoiler*

You know … 

I’m actually feeling vaguely grate that I’ve had the day off, today.


It means I’ve been able to do the basic food shopping I usually do on a Friday — but couldn’t due to work commitments — today.

Granted, it’s a chore. it’s use up quite a bit of remaining money … 

But it’s done.   And bagged me a few extra Nectar points.

Oh, And a voucher that bags me five times the points … if I spent more than £40 in Sainsburys!

I don’t think I have that much spare shopping money in the week!

Never mind, hey … ?   Maybe after Christmas!


At ANY rate … ?

At any, I’ve also had an evening off: which, if you hadn’t guessed by, now?

Means I’ve had time to sit down with an AppleTV, a television … 

And the next too episodes of Series 4 of … 

The Strain … !


Episode 6 — Tainted Love — show  us Zack (Max Charles)— with a teenage crush on Abby — following her back to the youth barracks wheres she stays: only to find she’s in a relationship.

In flashback?   In flashback, Quinlan (Rupert Penry-Jones) remembers his life in 1880s London: he has to kill Louisa and Lydia, in revenge for a bungled attempt to kill the Master, the Master has turned the pair.

And, towards the end of the episode?   Fet (Kevin Durand) and the rest of the gang heading for New York with an nuclear warhead ready for use … 

With Eichhorst, quite literally, gunning for them.


Episode 7 — Ouroboros — Fet, Quinlan and Captain Roman (K. C Roman) have got to New York: and are heading for  Manhattan, heart of the Partnership’s proverbial empire.

Only to see the bridges connecting Manhattan Island to the rest of city explode, to stop them


Meanwhile Eph and Alex (Corey Stoll and Angel Parker) have reached the hideout where Dutch (Ruta Gedmintas) is hiding the seriously ill Abraham Setrakian (David Bradley).

Not knowing that the treacherous Creem (Jamie Hector) has followed them there …

And is quite ready to sell that information to the highest bidder 


Now … ?



Frankly, I know right now, I’m seriously wanting to go to bed.

But also that I couldn’t.


Partly because I wanted to tell you that Eichhorst is now officially out of the series: dead at the hands of Setrakian, himself.

But partly that, in Ouroboros, David Bradley’s got some of his best scenes.

Roll on the next few episodes!

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