Wednesday, 15 November 2017

The Strain — Series 4: Episode 2 — The Blood Tax

15th November, 2017.

Would you mind, awfully, if I yawned at you … ?

Weel … 

Not at you, per se.

I’m just yawning, in general.

After all, I’ve been and gone and done a full day’s work: after having got up at four, this morning, to post today’s Daily Teaser.

I think you’ll excuse me: under the circumstances.


At least I hope you will.

At any rate?

It’s just gone nine: in the evening.


If I were getting up at four, again, tomorrow?

I’d not be staying up, comparatively late, tonight.

I’m up at seven, tomorrow.

Not taking the perfectly good chance to watch another episode of Series four of The Strain … ?

Would be rude … 


Episode 2The Blood Tax — sees Gus (Miguel Gomez) having started a black market operation with former rivals, Creem.

And, occasionally, supplying Setrakian (David Bradley) and Dutch (Ruta Gedmintas) with needed gear.

Until … ?

The pair are captured by Strigoi.

Setrakian?   Seemingly lost in the kind of concentration camps he’d last seen in World War Two.

And Dutch … ?

Taken by the kind of organisation that needs her not because she’s an intelligent young woman who has a lot of skills they could use … 

But because she’s a healthy young woman … 

Of childbearing age

Do you get the feeling she’s in trouble … ?


No … ?

You don’t … ?

I do.

And, while I know it’s the early stages of this last series of The Strain??

I’m still thinking I want to see more.

That will, of course, have to wait until at least tomorrow.

I’ve a dentist’s appointment, tomorrow.

Blood sucking vampires in a post-nuclear USA seems just the thing to go with it …

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