Sunday, 12 November 2017

American Horror Story — Series 4: Freak Show — Episodes 12 & 13: Show Stoppers & Curtain Call.

12th November, 2017.

You know, I really don’t have money to spend.

I don’t.

So it’s not that often I turn on my heating of an evening.

My flat’s warm enough, as it is.

But to and from the office, today?

Wasn’t necessarily that cold.

But was chilly enough that — right now? — turning on the heating for a bit seemed a good idea.

Especially as the chair in front of my TV?   Has it’s back to the door to the living room: and the incredible draft the vents at the top of the window generate.

One day, I’ll remember how to close them … !


At any rate?

At any rate, I have the day off, tomorrow.

Which means, theoretically, I get to sleep in.

So … ?

As far as I’m concerned, it means I can catch up with some more TV.

You’re right, as ever.

I’ve been watching American Horror Story’s fourth series.

Given it was the last two episodes?

I wasn’t going to walk away from series 4.


Episode 12Show Stoppers — starts the troupe having a formal meal: partly to welcome Chester (Neil Patrick Harris) as the new owner.

And, once he’s gone?

To tell Stanley (Dennis O’Hare) that they all know what’s happen to Ma Patite, and the other dead members of the show.

And tat he bears a large chunk of responsibility.

Meanwhile?   Dot and Bette (Sara Paulson) met Dandy (Fin Wittrock).   Dandy’s got some news about Chester: that he wanted to share.

It’s not looking good.


Episode 13Curtain Call — opens, looking worse.

What’s left of the troupe quit: when Dandy blames them for the lack of ticket sales.

In the resulting rage?   Dandy takes extreme action: killing Paul the Illustrated Seal, Penny (Grace Gummer), Legless Suzi (Rose Siggins) and Eve (Erika Ervin) and as many of the rest he can find: missing only the hidden Desiree (Angela Bassett).

Having survived the shoot out?   Dot and Bette are married to Dandy: telling him they’ve hired some extra special staff to do the catering for they wedding feast.

What they’s not told Dandy?   Is that those staff are Desiree and Jimmy Darling (Even Peters).

They’ve got something special to put in the wine … 


Now … 

Can I honestly turn around and tell you what I think?

On minimal sleep, a long work day, bad food, creaking news, And a Jean Michel Jarre LP playing in the background?

Yes, of course I can: I’ve never let it stop me before.

So far, I’ve sat down and watch the first four series of American Horror Story: thorough enjoy all of them.

Frankly, though?   Up until now, I’d’ve put Asylum at the top of the must see list.

If — of the first three series of American Horror Story — you were going to watch only one of the first three, I’d’ve pointed you, happily, at Asylum: and told you that’s the one.

Having seen Freak Show, though?

I’d modify that, and say this.

If — of the first four series of American Horror Story — you were going to watch only one of the first four, I’m going to point you, instead, at Freak Show.

There’s enough hints of influences for those of us who like these things to come away happy.

And an emotional charge the the preceding three serials can’t match.

Go watch Freak Show.

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