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The Friday Question Set — 24-02-2012

Who, me … ?

Completely forget the Friday Question Set?

Good LORD, no … !

But if nothing else, the least I could do is put a photo up of my nephew, Jude.

Who I’m thinking has FINALLY perfected his recipe for strawberry yoghurt.


Yes, quite …

Let’s move on and post up today’s question set, shall we … ?

Here it is: covered by the usual Creative Commons License.

Online 140.

Q1) Which biblical figure had a coat of many colours?
A1) Joseph.

Q2) With which Irish band does The Edge play guitar?
Q2) U2.

Q3) Who, in 1942, promised to return to the Philippines?
A3) General Douglas McArthur.

Q4) According to the old proverb, what is the road to hell paved with?
A4) Good intentions.

Q5) Who wrote the plays, The Chairs and The Bald Prima Donna: Eugene Ionesco, Seamus Heaney or Harold Pinter?
A5) Eugene Ionesco

Q6) What kind of garment is a montero?
A6) A cap.

Q7) Which English constituency did Margaret Thatcher represent?
A7) Finchley.

Q8) What does the word ‘pope’ mean?
A8) Father.

Q9) Who’s won golf’s World Matchplay Championship a record six times, since 1993?
A9) Ernie Els.

Q10) What does either of the initials P & O stand for, in the name of the Ferry company? (Two points for both.)
A10) Peninsular and Oriental.


Q11) Suffragette Emily Davidson threw herself under the king’s horse, during which year’s Derby: 1913, 1915 or 1917?
A11) 1913.

Q12) In which river did Virginia Wolf drown herself, in 1941: the Ouse, the Thames or the Cam?
A12) The Ouse.

Q13) Drummer John Bonham famously died of alcohol poisoning. Which band was he the drummer for?
A13) Led Zeppelin.

Q14) Singer, Otis Redding died how, at the age of 25? (Bonus point for naming the year.)
A14) In a plane crash. (1967.)

Q15) Which fashion designer died in a shooting incident outside his home, in 1997?
A15) Gianni Versace.

Q16) Which composer was shot by US military policemen, outside his home: Gershwin, Webern or Debussy?
A16) Anton von Webern.

Q17) Which wild west hero’s last words were “That picture’s crooked”?
A17) Jesse James.

Q18) Who was film star Carole Lombard married, when she died in a plane crash in 1946?
A18) Clark Gable.

Q19) Olaf Palme was PM of which European country, when he was assassinated, in 1946?
A19) Olaf Palme.

Q20) What film was Oliver Reed making, when he died?
A20) Gladiator.


Q21) In computer Jargon, what exactly does wysiwyg stand for?
A21) What You See Is What You Get.

Q22) On a standard computer keyboard, what’s the only vowel not on the top row of letters?
A22) ‘A’.

Q23) CGI stands for Computer Generated … what?
A23) Image.

Q24) Which symbol is variously known as the little snail, the monkey tail, or elephant’s trunk?
A24) The At symbol. (The @ symbol.)

Q25) Which company makes the iMac?
A25) Apple.

Q26) The Internet chatroom abbreviation KISS stands for ‘Keep It …’ what?
A26) ‘Simple, Stupid.’

Q27) Which early computer pioneer is credited with designing the earliest form of computer, in 1837?
A27) Charles Babbage.

Q28) Getting an FAQ from someone means they’ve sent you a document that lists what sort of questions?
A28) Frequently Asked.

Q29) A CPU is a Central Processing … what?
A29) Unit.

Q30) The internet chatroom abbreviation ‘ROFL’ is short for ‘Rolling On The Floor…’ what: Laughing, Licking or Lagging?
A30) ‘Laughing’.


Q31) Olga Korbut represented which country?
A31) The Soviet Union. (Accept Russia.)

Q32) Which Manchester won the European Cup, in 1968?
A32) Manchester United.

Q33) How many times did Red rum win the Derby?
A33) None. (He did win the Grand National 3 times, though.)

Q34) Which icy event is the world’s fastest non–motorised sport?
A34) Ice Hockey.

Q35) In the University Boat Race, who do Oxford compete against?
A35) Cambridge.

Q36) What sport is played at Lord’s?
A36) Cricket.

Q37) Frankie Dettori won the Ascot Gold Cup in 1992, and 1993, on which horse?
A37) Drum Taps.

Q38) Who won the first Formula 1 World Championship, at the 1981 San Marino Grand Prix?
A38) Nelson Piquet.

Q39) The Thomas Keller medal is one of the highest awards in which water sport?
A39) Rowing.

Q40) Which renowned football manager was boss at both Grimsby & Workington?
A40) Bill Shankly.


Q41) Which cartoon Rabbit was Framed in 1988?
A41) Roger.

Q42) Which US pop superstar starred in Moonwalker?
A42) Michael Jackson.

Q43) Which film told the story of two athletes in the 1924 Olympics?
A43) Chariots of Fire.

Q44) What is Australian adventurer Mick Dundee’s nickname?
A44) Crocodile.

Q45) Which adventurer Indiana was played by Harrison Ford?
A45) Jones.

Q46) Which Indian leader was played by Ben Kingsley?
A46) Gandhi.

Q47) Which composer did Tom Hulse play in Amadeus?
A47) Mozart.

Q48) What sort of Busters were Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, and Bill Murrey?
A48) Ghost.

Q49) What was the Fish Called in the 1988 movie?
A49) Wanda.

Q50) Which Naked film was the first in the series with Leslie Nielsen?
A50) Naked Gun.


Q51) What is the Thursday before Easter called?
A51) Maundy Thursday

Q52) What was Malcolm Campbell’s record breaking car called?
A52) Bluebird.

Q53) Which rock group had a hit with ‘Cigarettes and Alcohol’?
A53) Oasis.

Q54) In which part of North America is the film The Shipping News set? (Bonus point for naming the country.)
A54) Newfoundland. (Canada)

Q55) What name was given to the alliance of fascist powers during World War 2?
A55) The Axis.

Q56) On which pacific island did Robert Louis Stevenson spend his final years?
A56) Samoa.

Q57) George Ruth was better known as which baseball player?
A57) ‘Babe’ Ruth.

Q58) Which British warship of 1906 gave its name to a whole class of warships?
A58) The HMS Dreadnaught.

Q59) In which Bill Murray film did the central character find himself living the same day, over and over, again?
A59) Groundhog Day.

Q60) Which European city is served by the port of Piræus?
A60) Athens.

Enjoy that lot.

I’ll leave you with a couple of videos: first off, today’s Teaser video: you can put your answers in, here

And here’s a tune from George Thorogood and the Destroyers …

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