Sunday, 12 February 2012

The Daily Teaser - 12-2-2012

Bleugh …

I have to admit, I feel …

Well, the word, here, is yuck … !

Well …

Until I just had that sip of tea, let’s put it that way.

That … And managed to put on last night’s episode of Dr Who: to be frank, BBC3’s been repeating David Tennant’s first season, and they’ve got as far as the utter classic that is The Satan Pit.

And when I say utter classic … ?

Trust me, I think I know what I mean …

Let’s get moving on, shall we … ?

Before I start dribbling … !


Yesterday’s Teaser saw Debbi — all on her ownsome — putting in her answers: and, along with admitting she thoroughly enjoyed yesterday’s tunes, AND could remember hearing about Cynthia Payne*, also bagged 5 out of 5.

Let’s see how she — and you — do with today’s questions, shall we?

Here they are, along with the ‘How To’, License and video
Q1) 12th February, 1503, saw Vasco Da Gama set out for his second voyage to where: India, Africa or America?

Q2) More to the point, which port city did he set out from … ?

Q3) 12th February, 1999, saw a group of international scientists highlight the potential hazards of what … ?

Q4) 12th February, 1733, saw James Oglethorpe found the 13th of the original 13 US colonies: which modern US state is it … ?

Q5) 12th February, 1912, saw the formal abdication of the Emperor of which country … ?

Q6) And finally … 12th February, 1964, fighting on which island leave 16 dead … ?
And here’s yesterday’s questions and answers …
Q1) 11th February, 2011, saw the announcement that who had resigned as Egyptian President … ?
A1) Hosni Mubarak.

Q2) 11th February, 1987, saw Cynthia Payne cleared of controlling prostitutes: what, famously, did the girls who weren’t working for her, take as payment … ?

Q3) 11th February, 1916, saw anarchist, Emma Goldman, arrested for lecturing about birth control: how many weeks did she spend in prison as a result?
A3) Two.

Q4) 11th February, 1956, saw two of the Cambridge Four — Guy Burgess and Donald Maclean — arrive in Moscow. Name either of the other two.
A4) Anthony Blunt and Kim Philby.

Q5) And finally … 11th February, 1976, saw John Curry win Britain’s first Winter Olympic gold medal for 12 years: in which sport?
A5) Figure Skating.
Enjoy those, everyone.

I’ll leave you with the tune that’s been banging around my head, all morning …

* I’ll be frank, Debbi, I’m not surprised: Mrs P did the talk-show circuit for years afterwards, off the back of those vouchers … ! The surprising thing … ? Is that, even now, they were only worth 15p each: about the same price as a very cheap chocolate bar. Let’s leave that there, shall we … ? Because I dread to THINK what you’d be getting from Madam Cyn, now … !!!!


Debbi said...

Wow! Talk about selling yourself cheap.

1. India
2. Lisbon
3. genetically modified food
4. Georgia
5. China
6. Cyprus

That song reminds me of the film, Brazil. Brilliant movie. :)

Nik Nak said...

Actually, where did you think I got it, Debbi … ? :D