Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Last King of Scotland: Blood, Guts and making DAMN sure you have a VERY long spoon.

You know, just every so often — as I’m sure you’ll have realised, by now — I’ll get a quiet evening to meself.

And usually manage to catch one in company: which frankly, was a BIT lacking, last night.

Given there was nothing on TV, though … ?

It DID mean I managed to dig up the copy of the Kevin McDonald directed, The Last King Of Scotland.


Based on the Giles Foden novel of the same name, The Last King Of Scotland follows James McAvoy as the fictional Dr Nicholas Garrigan: a young doctor who is recently out of training, and looking for adventure.

And ending up as a doctor in a missionary hospital in Uganda, just as Idi Amin takes power there.

And … ?

And just after treating the dictator for a hand injury sustained in a car accident …

Is asked to become Amin’s personal physician, and the man in charge of rebuilding Uganda’s health service.

Something Garrigan initially feels no qualms about: after all, he initially feels Amin is nothing but good for the country … …


Now …

Am I impressed … ?

Not greatly …

But certainly enough to recommend that you catch The Last King Of Scotland.

McAvoy’s performance as the naïve young doctor slowly finding out the horrible truth about his patient, AND having to question the choices he’s made, is worth watching.

As is Forest Whittaker’s extremely menacing performance as Amin: and this is coming from someone who grew up during the 1970s, and can remember hearing some of the horror stories about Amin’s leadership of Uganda*.

So just to give you a QUICK thought … ?

The Last King Of Scotland

* I’m pretty sure some of the worst stories one hears are just that: stories. Then you come across some of the killings that DID happen …

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