Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Daily Teaser - 04-2-2012

You know, it’s GOT to be said, I’m still — along with Bruce — still in Kent!

Bless them, did I tell you I was in Kent, last night, with some old friends?

I was — and still am — in Kent, with some old friends, and and still amazed at the films we caught.

Harry Brown, which I’d already seen, and think is always worth catching again.

And the heartbreaking The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.

And, yes, I mean heartbreaking: it’s one of the few films I’ve seen to provoke complete silence, at its ending.

Let’s get moving on, shall we?

Yes, let’s …


Yesterday’s Teaser saw Mr Strict — all on his ownsome, as Debbi’s off at a seminar — putting in his answers: AND bagging 6 out of 6.

Let’s see how he — and you — do with today’s questions, shall we?

Here they are, along with the ‘How To’, License and video

Q1) 4th February is Independence day in Sri Lanka: how was Sri Lanka known, until 1972 … ?

Q2) 4th February, 1945, saw the start of the WW2 era, Yalta Conference. Yalta is in what’s now which country … ?

Q3) 4th February, 2004, saw the original founding of Facebook, by Mark Zuckerberg: what’s the name of the 2010 film about its founding … ?

Q4) 4th February, 1998, saw 4000 people feared killed in an earthquake in which country … ?

Q5) 4th February, 1789, saw who elected as US President?

Q6) And finally … 4th February, 1968, saw Asian people fleeing which African country arrive in Britain … ?
And here’s yesterday’s questions and answers …
Q1) 3rd February, 1958, saw the founding of the Benelux Economic union: name any of the three countries in that union …
A1) The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Q2) More to the point what was that a forerunner to … ?
A2) The The European Coal and Steel Community: the forerunner to the European Union.

Q3) 3rd February, 1966, saw the Soviet Union land a probe, where… ?
A3) The moon.

Q4) 3rd February, 1959, was the Day the Music Died: when Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper died in a plane crash in Iowa. Who wrote the song, American Pie, about the Day the Music Died?
A4) Don McLean.

Q5) 3rd February, 1986, saw Pope John Paul 2nd visit Mother Teresa: in which Indian city … ?
A5) Calcutta.

Q6) And finally … 3rd February, 1989, saw the overthrow of Alfredo Strœssner: which South American country was Strœssner the dictator of … ?
A6) Paraguay.
Enjoy those, everyone: I’ll catch you later.

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Debbi said...

So, romance reading is down and crime novel reading is up? Why am I not surprised? :)

1. Ceylon
2. Crimea
3. The Social Network
4. Afghanistan
5. George Washington
6. Kenya

The film seminar was great! I met someone there who lives here, but came from London. I mentioned that I knew someone from Brentwood and she said, "Oh, that's in Essex County!" We really hit it off. :)

She got a big kick out of it when I mentioned Doctor Who and how you led me to read Terry Pratchett. There were a couple of other people from the UK there, who were really awesome, including a Scottish man.

I'll blog about it later. It was a great time. Except I almost became even more crippled or dead. LOL!