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The Saint Valentine’s DayFriday Question Set

Yes, I know, I know …

I know, already … !

But given that I alway’s used to have a mad scramble for questions, back when I was running pub quizzes … ?

I thought I’d best make this week’s Friday question set a Saint Valentine’s themed one.

Just in case…

I’ve just a little disappointed I didn’t think to add any links to this year’s one: I do usually try and make a point of it.

At any rate, without much further ado … ?

Here’s the Friday (Saint Valentine’s) question set: covered, as ever, by the usual Creative Commons’ License

Q1) How many square yards in an acre?
A1) 4, 840.

Q2) Which TV drama was set in Glenbogle?
Q2) Monarch of the Glen.

Q3) Margaret Thatcher was born in which decade of the 20th century?
A3) The 1920s.

Q4) Who plays Rugby Union at Welford Road?
A4) Leicester.

Q5) In the Bible, which book follows Exodus?
A5) Leviticus.

Q6) Who wrote the novel, The Runaway Jury?
A6) John Grisham.

Q7) In which South American country is the city of Sao Paulo?
A7) Brazil.

Q8) Joe & Annie Sugden appeared in which soap?
A8) Emmerdale.

Q9) On a standard UK Monopoly board, what colour is Park Lane?
A9) Dark Blue.

Q10) Who directed the 2005 movie, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory?
A10) Tim Burton.


Q11) Who sang the syrupy 1980s hit Nothing’s Gonna Change My love For You?
A11) Glen Madeiros.

Q12) How old was Frankie Lyman when he sang his 1956 number one Why Do Fools Fall In Love?
A12) 13.

Q13) In which film was Aerosmith’s I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing famously featured?
A13) Armageddon.

Q14) Who had the Love of a Lifetime, in 1999?
A14) The Honeyz.

Q15) In which year did She Loves You, by The Beatles reach number one in the UK charts?
A15) 1963.

Q16) What was Barry White’s only UK number one single?
A16) You’re My First, My Last, My Everything.

Q17) Which former Ramsay Street regular released Confide In Me, in 1994?
A17) Kylie Minogue.

Q18) “I went to the doctor, and guess what he told me”: name the huge hit song.
A18) Nothing Compares 2 U by Sinead O'Connor.

Q19) How old was Marti Pellow when Love Is All Around, was a hit for The Troggs?
A19) One year old.

Q20) One for the love rats - Who was Torn Between Two Lovers, in 1977?
A20) Mary McGregor.


Q21) In the Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn romantic comedy, Bringing up Baby, what type of creature was Baby?
A21) A leopard.

Q22) Which romantic melodrama begins and ends in the fictional railway station of Milford Junction?
A22) Brief Encounter.

Q23) Which of these Richard Curtis-written romantic comedies did he also direct, Four Weddings & a Funeral, Notting Hill or Love Actually?
A23) Love Actually: the other two were Mike Newell and Roger Michell, respectively.

Q24) Real world lovers, Jennifer Lopez, & Ben Affleck starred in what’s reputed to be the world’s worst movie: what’s it called?
A24) Gigli.

Q25) In which romantic WW2 film did Ben Affleck co-star with Kate Beckinsale?
A25) Pearl Harbour.

Q26) Name either of the 2 lead stars in Notting Hill.
A26) Hugh Grant, Julia Roberts. (2 points for both.)

Q27) In which romantic comedy did Meg Ryan famously fake an orgasm?
A27) When Harry Met Sally.

Q28) Name the 2 main character's in Grease.
A28) Danny and Sandy.

Q29) What's the only British film to advertise itself as a Romantic Zombie Comedy?
A29) Sean of the Dead.

Q30) In which film does Peter Cushing come back from the dead, on Valentines Day?
A30) Tales From The Crypt.


Q31) What was the name of the boat, in The Love Boat: The Atlantic Princess, The Pacific Princess or the Sargasso Princess?
A31) The Pacific Princess.

Q32) Which comedy series, running from 1989 to 1994, starred Anton Rodgers as a solidtor who falls for a much younger woman, played first by Eve Matheson and subsequently by Lesley Dunlop?
A32) May to December.

Q33) Which 2005 drama showed Peter O’Toole, and David Tennant playing the same character, at different ages?
A33) Casanova.

Q34) In which year of the 1970s was Love Thy Neighbour first broadcast in the UK?
A34) 1972.

Q35) In Emmerdale who did Kathy Tate marry in 1996, in an ill fated and short lived marriage which went up in flames?
A35) Dave Glover.

Q36) Which Casualty charge nurse married Dr Baz Hayes in 1998?
A36) Charlie Fairhead.

Q37) Which sitcom features Kathy Burke and James Dreyfus, both desperately seeking love, and miserably failing, and often chasing the same man?
A37) Gimme Gimme Gimme.

Q38) Jan Francis and Paul Nicholas played characters in a will-they wont-they relationship in which television show?
A38) Just Good Friends.

Q39) Which American sit-dram follows the love lives of several members of West Hollywood’s lesbian community?
A39) The L Word.

Q40) Who played the lead role in Lovejoy?
A40) Ian McShane.


Q41) In Great Expectations, which old crone’s room was left untouched for decades after she was jilted at the altar?
A41) Miss Havisham.

Q42) Who wrote The Glass Virgin?
A42) Catherine Cookson.

Q43) Which prolific romantic novelist was Princess Diana’s step Grandmother?
A43) Dame Barbara Cartland.

Q44) Which author had Britain’s longest Who’s Who entry?
A44) Dame Barbara Cartland.

Q45) Which book was famously described as being ‘not being something you’d let your wife or servants read?’
A45) Lady Chatterley’s Lover.

Q46) Who left an unfinished novel called Sanditon?
A46) Jane Austen

Q47) Which Emily wrote Wuthering Heights?”
A47) Emily Brontë.

Q48) “Love Discourse,” is the English translation of what Sanskrit phrase?
A48) Kama Sutra.

Q49) Which romantic publisher saw it’s 100th birthday, in 2008?
A49) Mills and Boon.

Q50) Who wrote the play When We Are Married: JB Priestly, Harold Pinter or Seamus Heaney?
A50) J. B. Priestley


Q51) What is usually found in a golf courses bunker?
A51) Sand.

Q52) Who wrote The Tale of Peter Rabbit?
A52) Beatrix Potter.

Q53) The Muslim Holy Book is called The Qu’ran: what is ‘Qu’ran’ the Arabic word for?
A53) Recite.

Q54) ‘Wifmon’ is the Medieval Anglo-Saxon word for what, Man, Woman, or child?
A54) Woman.

Q55) Blondie got their 1st Gold disc in which English speaking country?
A55) Australia.

Q56) Winchester is the county town of which English county?
A56) Hampshire.

Q57) What’s the name of the French National Anthem?
A57) La Marseillaise.

Q58) In The Canyons Of Your Mind, was a hit for which 60s band?
A58) The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band.

Q59) Who was the first Doctor Who, to record an episode of the show outside the UK?
A59) Tom Baker.

Q60) Who was older, Charles 1st, or Oliver Cromwell?
A60) Oliver Cromwell.
Have fun with that lot …

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