Wednesday, 22 February 2012

vlc: Now At Version TWO ... !

Oooh …

He says, in a vaguely excited tone of voice.

I've got to confess, I could certainly get used to walking up Warley Hill.

Which isn't why I'm posting from Brentwood Library.

(No, tell a lie: I needed a change of scenery, and the exercise, but that's beside the point.)

No, I actually meant to let people know that everybodies favourite open-source media player, vlc, has now been officially updated to version two.

Avaiable in Mac OSX, Windoze and Ubuntu flavours, you can ALSO get copies for the iPhone: and the developers are now working on an unreleased version for Android phones.

Go get, folks: and feel free to donate, if you can.

Projects like vlc need our cash to keep going.

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