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The (Belated) Friday Question Set 03-02-2012

You know, I knew that might happen, one day: that they’d come a Friday when I’d forget to put a Friday question set up.

I have no excuse: BEYOND the fact that I’d been given a tax rebate, and was determined to spend it … !

On sensible stuff, I should add: some back rent I needed to clear up, and clothes.


And cleaning stuff.

Not that you’d know it from the state of my hob …

At ANY rate … ?

At ANY rate, here’s — AHEM — the belated Friday Question Set: covered, as ever, by the usual Creative Commons License.
Online 141 Copied from Hutton 204

Q1) What name is given to a young deer?
A1) A fawn.

Q2) What medical condition is referred to as either ‘grand mal’ or ‘petite mal’?
Q2) Epilepsy.

Q3) The Goodies provided the voices for which children’s cartoon series?
A3) Banana Man.

Q4) Falabella horses originally come from which South American country?
A4) Argentina.

Q5) At what hour of the night does the middle watch start, whilst at sea? (Bonus point for saying when it ends.)
A5) Midnight. (4am.)

Q6) What’s the administrative centre for Wiltshire?
A6) Trowbridge.

Q7) In which sport do teams compete for the Swaythling Cup?
A7) Table Tennis.

Q8) Rick Wakeman was the keyboard player for which band?
A8) Yes.

Q9) What, in 2003, did Afro-Carribean poet Benjamin Zephania turn down, because of it’s Imperialist connotations?
A9) An OBE.

Q10) Which crop is damaged by the Boll Weevil?
A10) Cotton.


Q11) Sir Francis Chicester sailed around the world in a yacht called what?
A11) Gypsy Moth 4.

Q12) What name is given by Muslims to the once–in–a–lifetime pilgrimage to Mecca?
A12) The Hajj. (Accept Hajjra)

Q13) In which ship did Britain’s first West Indian immigrants first arrive, in 1948?
A13) The Empire Windrush.

Q14) Name either of the two Italian cities linked by the Appian Way? (Two points for both.)
A14) Rome and Brindisi.

Q15) True or false: The road trip from Glasgow to Exeter is longer than Southampton to Stranrær.
A15) False.

Q16) Who, in 1991, became the first British traveller in space?
A16) Helen Sharman.

Q17) What make of car became capable of time travel, in the Back to the Future films?
A17) A DeLorean.

Q18) In the 1966 film, Fantastic Voyage what’s the mini-submarine travelling through?
A18) A human body.

Q19) In what popular musical do the performers travle about on roller skates?
A19) Starlight Express.

Q20) Who is the patron saint of travellers?
A20) Saint Christopher.


Q21) In the film, Casablanca, to which actress did Humphrey Bogart’s character say “Here’s looking at you, kid”?
A21) Ingrid Bergman.

Q22) What was the name of the first Carry On film, Carry On Sargent, Carry On Up the Khyber or Carry On Screaming?
A22) Carry On Sargent.

Q23) Who starred as Beatrix Potter, in the 2006 film, Miss Potter?
A23) Renée Zellweger.

Q24) Barry Lyndon and Full Metal Jacket were directed by whom? (Bonus point for naming the last film he completed.)
A24) Stanley Kubrick. (Eyes Wide Shut.)

Q25) In which 1979 film did Gregory Peck play notorious villain, Josef Mengele?
A25) Boys From Brazil.

Q26) Who directed the 1959 comedy, Some Like It Hot?
A26) Billy Wilder.

Q27) Which 1979 Marlon Brando film was inspired by Joseph Conrad novel, Heart of Darkness?
A27) Apocalypse Now.

Q28) What was the name of Michæl Caines character, in The Ipcress File?
A28) Harry Palmer.

Q29) In which film does David Essex play a fairground worker become a pop star?
A29) That’ll Be The Day.

Q30) In which 1956 film does Charlton Heston play Moses?
A30) The Ten Commandments.


Q31) Robert Bell is better known how?
A31) Kool, of Kool and the Gang.

Q32) In pop, who exactly was the King of the Wild Frontier?
A32) Adam Ant.

Q33) Who recorded the 2002 album, Come With Us?
A33) The Chemical Brothers.

Q34) Which Doors song was given the disco treatment by Amii Stewart?
A34) Light My Fire.

Q35) Reverend Stanley Burrell is better known as which rapper?
A35) MC Hammer.

Q36) Which duet released Heartache, in 1987? (Bonus point for telling us who they’d been backing singers for.)
A36) Pepsi & Shirley. (Wham!)

Q37) Which cartoon band had a 2001 hit, with Clint Eastwood?
A37) Gorillaz.

Q38) How many group members did 80s band, The Thompson Twins have?
A38) Three.

Q39) Which American singer–songwriter wrote and recorded The Times They Are A’Changin’?
A39) Bob Dylan.

Q40) Angela Trimble is the real name of which 70’s star?
A40) Debbie Harry.


Q41) Which best selling series of novels centre’s around Hogwart’s School?
A41) Harry Potter.

Q42) Name either of Terry Pratchett’s collaborator’s, on the Science of Discworld series of spin–off books? (Two points for both.)
A42) Jack Cohen, or Ian Stewart.

Q43) Who created the character of Miss Marple?
A43) Agatha Christie.

Q44) Which Emily wrote Wuthering Heights?
A44) Emily Brontë.

Q45) Who created Jeeves and Wooster?
A45) P. G. Wodehouse.

Q46) Whose secret diary was first written, when he was 13 and 3/4?
A46) Adrian Mole’s.

Q47) What was the profession of James Herriot?
A47) Vetinary Surgeon. (Accpet just vet.)

Q48) What was the surname of romantic novelist, Dame Barbara?
A48) Cartland.

Q49) Which barrister was created by writer John Mortimer?
A49) Rumpole of the Bailey.

Q50) Whose Lover was written about by D. H. Lawrence?
A50) Lady Chatterley’s Lover.


Q51) A shortage of which vitamin leads to Scurvy?
A51) Vitamin C.

Q52) On which Greek island did King Minos1 keep the Minotaur?
A52) Crete.

Q53) Which US president issued the 14 Points, Woodrow Wilson, Abraham Lincoln or Bill Clinton?
A53) Woodrow Wilson.

Q54) Which classic New York–based Musical is based on Shakespear’s Romeo & Juliet?
A54) ‘West Side Story.’

Q55) Which Country and Western star was known as the ‘…Man in Black’?
A55) Johnny Cash.

Q56) Which cricket tournament was re–named the Twenty20 Cup, in 2003?
A56) The Benson & Hedges Cup.

Q57) Which radio play begins with the line “To begin at the beginning, it is spring, moonless night, starless and bible black”? (Bonus point for telling us who wrote it.)
A57) Under Milkwood. (Dylan Thomas.)

Q58) Which of the following monarchs isn’t buried in Westminster Abbey: Elizabeth 1st, Charles 2nd or Queen Victoria?
A58) Queen Victoria.

Q59) What is the Sternum more commonly known as?
A59) The breastbone.

Q60) What’s the largest city in California?
A60) Los Angeles.
Enjoy that, everyone: I’ll not leave it so late, next time … !

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